Amazon Announces StyleSnap, AI that Helps You Clothes Shop with Just a Picture

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There is no doubt that technology has changed the way we shop. More specifically, Amazon has certainly done the same. Starting out as an online bookstore, it’s grown to be a one-stop shop for nearly anything we are shopping for. Amazon Prime means we can often get it the very next day.

Amazon will now change the way we shop for clothes. They already make it easy to shop for clothes. Now they are introducing StyleSnap, artificial intelligence that allows you to upload a photo to be matched by the service with the Amazon option that measures up as closely as possible to the clothing and/or accessories in the picture.

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Amazon continues to work with technology to make things easy for us. They’ve recently been tooling around with their delivery options, such as having the delivery driver put our packages directly inside our home. And now they’re going to save us from having to page through several selections on their vast site, looking for just the right clothing item(s) and accessories.

At Amazon’s re:MARS 2019 artificial intelligence event , Amazon announced StyleSnap — an option that will help you when you’re having difficulties describing exactly what you’re looking for.

“You are not a poet,” said Amazon in a blog post. “You struggle to find the right words to explain the shape of a neckline or the spacing of a polka dot pattern, and when you attempt your text-based search, the results are far from the trend you were after.”

Does that describe your struggle? StyleSnap can help. Open the Amazon app, click the camera icon in the upper-right corner, choose the StyleSnap option, and upload an image of that specific item or outfit you’re shopping for.

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StyleSnap will then return recommendations of the options they have that most closely resemble what’s in the picture. The AI can identify colors, edges, patterns, etc. You’ll be able to apply filters such as brand, pricing, and reviews to narrow your search down even further.

Fashion influencers are being offered commissions through Amazon so that followers can submit their picture directly to StyleSnap.

Amazon also recently developed an AI-driven fashion recommendation software that it included in the Echo Look camera. Instead of matching your own ideas for style, this system works as your stylist.

The Future of Shopping

Amazon is completely turning the shopping experience around. However, sometimes they may be stepping too far into it, such as with the deliveries inside your home. Whether or not there’s a camera focused on the delivery person, it’s hard to grant them permission to enter your home.

That said, StyleSnap seems to be on the right track. There have been many times where I’ve been looking for something specific, but I’m not sure of the technical term for that particular cut. But now I can find just the right cut of those swimsuit bottoms I’m looking for to cover what I need to and showcase what I want to as well.

Do you think you’ll try Amazon’s StyleSnap option? Do you trust their AI to help you? Leave your thoughts on StyleSnap in the comments below.

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  1. It certainly looks promising. I don’t live with my mom anymore. Since it was her who did the shopping for my clothes anyway. I do miss her credit card.

  2. “You are not a poet,” said Amazon in a blog post. “You struggle to find the right words to explain the shape of a neckline or the spacing of a polka dot pattern, and when you attempt your text-based search, the results are far from the trend you were after.”
    That is why I shop for my clothes in person. It may not be as convenient as clicking on some choices and having the items delivered to your door. I get to see the exact color, feel the fabric, get the proper size, etc. The colors in a picture are not exactly the same as the actual colors. Sizes vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. I may not like the feel of a particular fabric. Also, I save myself the inconvenience of returning the item(s) and going through the online process all over again.

    Having said that, I am also a realist. I realize that, whatever its advantages/disadvantages, online shopping will be it in the future. Another example of “When you’re a hammer, the entire world looks like a nail”. Just because we can shop online does not mean that we should, or can, be bought online. Of course, if you are willing to accept what’s shipped to you and go through the hassle of returning it rather than getting exactly what you want the first time, have at it.

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