Amazon Announces New Ring Security for Car and Mailbox

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When we hear about a Ring device, we think of “Doorbell,” Amazon’s security camera that’s tied to your own doorbell, allowing you to see packages being delivered and visitors (and thieves!). Amazon is now expanding the Ring lineup by going further inside your house while also traveling further outside – to your car and mailbox.

New Ring Lineup

As Amazon explains in its press release, Ring’s “mission is to make neighborhoods safer.” The company released new Ring technology to continue to keep the neighborhood safe – via your car, mailbox, and more – expanding on the doorbell.

There are three releases to help keep your car secure, another for your mailbox, a tiny drone for your indoor security, and end-to-end encryption for your for Ring videos.

“We are constantly inventing based on customer feedback. My email is printed on our packaging, so customers can easily reach me, and one of the most common requests I get is to offer the same protection for cars as we do for homes,” explained Ring founder and chief inventor, Jamie Siminoff. “We believe security should be accessible to everyone, and today we are announcing new devices that work for nearly every car or security need.”

Ring Car Alarm

News Ring Car Mailbox Alarm

This device will help you protect your car at home and in the neighborhood. It can be plugged into the OBD-II port in 99 percent of cars in the United States. It will warn you of alerts, such as bumps, break-ins, and being towed. It can be linked to other Ring or Alexa-enabled devices to also send alerts. Some of the features require you to be connected to the shared network Amazon Sidewalk.

Price $59.99

Ring Car Cam

News Ring Car Mailbox Cam

The Ring Car Cam goes one step further than the Ring Car Alarm. Not only does it monitor for those bumps and break-ins when it’s parked, but along with sending you a real-time alert to your phone, it will allow you to check in to a video of the event via the Car Cam.

While you’re on the road, the Car Cam enables Emergency Crash Assist that will request help from first responders, even if you are unable to make the call yourself. If you tell Alexa that you’re being pulled over, it will record the event and save it to the cloud. That could come in handy for people who don’t want to rely on the police body cams. Some of these features may require an optional connectivity plan.

Price: $199.99

Ring Car Connect

News Ring Car Mailbox Connect

This API for car manufacturers will allow you to receive mobile alerts for those break-ins and bumps, watch recorded video of the event, and see important information about the vehicle, such as whether the car is locked. Auto manufacturers can integrate the service, with it already being compatible with select Tesla vehicles.

Price: $199.99

Ring Mailbox Sensor

News Ring Car Mailbox Mail

There isn’t much information available for this device. However, it will, as the name suggests, provide security for your mailbox. The sensor is installed inside your existing mailbox, and you’ll receive notifications via your Ring app or Alexa-enabled device when the mailbox is opened. No more running out to the mailbox for your expected mail or small deliveries!

Price: $29.99

Ring Always Home Cam

News Ring Car Mailbox Indoor

Talk about a unique device! This security camera is like a tiny indoor drone, so that you can keep an eye on multiple areas of your home without having multiple cameras. You can check on your kids, your pets, your oven, the laundry, etc. It will fly predetermined paths that you set up when paired with the Ring Alarm. Built for privacy, it only records video when it’s in flight, making an audible sound, and remains docked when not in use.

Price: $249.99

End-to-End Encryption for Videos

Ring added two-step verification earlier this year and now allows you to see how your videos are encrypted and protected via the Video Encryption page within the Control Center. Later this you, you’ll be able to turn on the encryption from that same page.

“Privacy and security guide everything we do at Ring, and we are always looking for ways to deliver more user control and improve our customers’ experience,” said Ring President Leila Rouhl. “We are proud to be one of the first major players in the smart home security space to offer video End-to-End Encryption as part of our home security solutions.

The three Ring car products and the home cam will be available at Amazon in 2021, and the mailbox sensor will be available for preorder on October 8.

Are you looking to pair one of these devices with a Ring Doorbell? Read on to learn how to choose the right Ring camera.

Image Credit: Ring Press and Amazon Fall Event 2020

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