Amazon Adds Ability to Print via Alexa

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Once wireless Wi-Fi ability came to printers, it became much easier to be able to print everything. No longer are our printers tied to a computer with a cable. We can print from our phones. Amazon just made the process even easier. Now you can ask Alexa to do your printing for you.

Using Alexa to Print

Do you want to print out the grocery list you’ve been accumulating throughout the week? Done. Just say, “Alexa, print my shopping list,” and it will print. Are you looking to see what’s on your to-do list? Simply say, “Alexa, print my to-do list.”

Maybe you like to do a crossword puzzle every day: “Alex, print me today’s crossword.” Is your child doing remote learning? “Alexa, print a first-grade addition worksheet.” Are you looking for a chicken recipe? “Alexa, print a chicken recipe.” There’s no need to run out to the store to by graph paper: “Alexa, print graph paper.”

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All you need to print with Alexa is a compatible Echo device and a compatible printer on the same wireless network. Alexa works with most IPP-enabled network-connected printers by HP, Canon, Epson, and Brother. To check if yours is compatible, just say, “Alexa, discover my printer.” You can also go to the Devices tab in the Alexa app and try to discover it as a new device.

Check out the complete list of print commands you can give to Alexa.

Low Supply Notifications and Smart Recorder

Once that connection is established, you can also have Alexa alert you to a low supply of your ink or toner. It can tell you through email or voice when your supply is low. By default, it will tell you when your ink or toner is down to 20 percent, but you can change that default amount.

Alexa doesn’t stop there. It will go even further and automatically order the ink or toner for you. And when you choose that option, it will give you a 10% discount. This means you can either choose to be a part of it and be notified, then order it yourself, or you can just have Alexa order it, then receive it before you even know you’re low. You don’t even have to sign up for the 10-percent discount. You’ll just automatically get the discount.

News Alexa Print Reorder Ink

Be forewarned that at this point, the only ink and toner being offered is the genuine brand name ink and toner that matches your particular printer. Also, if you like to keep an extra supply on hand rather than live cartridge to cartridge, you can let Alexa know this, and it will take that into account for your notifications and smart recorders.

If you’re trying to decide whether to get a laser printer or inkjet printer to work with Alexa, read on to find out which printer is right for you.

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