The 2016 All-Star Mac Bundle [MTE Deals]

Looking to boost your productivity? The 2016 All-Star Mac Bundle features eleven top-rated Mac apps to help you reach your goals and meet deadlines.

Here are the eleven tools and utilities that are included in this bundle.

BusyCal 2 – With BusyCal you can quickly view and edit events, to-dos, and alarms as well as boost your productivity with smart filters, custom views and iPhone syncing.


DEVONthink Personal – DEVONthink uses a database to store and organize your documents; it helps to keep everything in one database, no matter where a file is physically located.

CrossOver 15 – If you want to use Windows apps natively on Mac OS, CrossOver 15 is a great tool for the job. It does so without the use of a virtual machine or a Windows license.

Timing – With Timing you’ll automatically track the time you spend on different activities on your Mac. With features like data range filtering you can pinpoint time-hogging activities.

Yummy FTP ‘Pro’ – Yummy FTP is a powerful program that supports FTPS and SFTP. You can also use it to organize your bookmarks into folders and edit them as needed.


NTFS for Mac 14 – This fast, reliable program allows safe access to NTFS partitions on your Mac. You can use it to navigate contents, read, write, copy, and create files and folders on NTFS partitions.

LightPaper – Want a faster, lighter, and more elegant text editor? This app offers a simple interface that includes only essential tools, such as a syntax highlighter and live previews.

Screenie – Screenie gives you a quick and easy way to access your screenshots and images. You can view, filter, and share images all from the menu bar.

QuickRes – With QuickRes you can easily bypass the process of going through System Preferences by using the handy icon on your menu bar to switch between screen resolutions.


Find Any File – If Spotlight doesn’t always find all the files you’re looking for, Find Any File is a great alternative. It searches for file properties such as name, size, and date.

Downie 2 – This premium app saves videos to your Mac from sites like YouTube which you can then watch offline anytime you want.

The 2016 All-Star Mac Bundle