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Launchpad is one of the many programs included in OS X Lion. While it is a good concept, many individuals may find it hard to find the value in the application. If you are unfamiliar with the program, Launchpad is just like the home screen of iOS devices. You have all of your applications, spread out on a full screen, allowing for easy reference to it when needed. The program allows you to put applications into folders, move to different pages, and even delete applications, just like on iPhone. Now, let’s look more into the program.

Launching Launch Pad

Launching LaunchPad

There are two ways to launch the Launchpad. The first way is to click on the application in the dock. The Launchpad application is next to the Finder application. The second way to launch Launchpad is to take your first four fingers, place them all apart on the track pad, and then spread all four fingers together. Once launched, Launchpad is very simple to use. Simply take your first two fingers and slide the track pad from right to left to navigate the pages. Using a mouse? Simply click and drag to navigate. One of the most important component of Launchpad are the folders.

Launchpad Folders

Launching Folders

Launchpad folders, like on iOS, are simply folders where you are able to keep related applications in one place. Creating a folder is very simple to do. All you have to do is take an application, drag it on top of the other application, and there you go. To rename the application, simply launch the folder and click on the folder’s name to edit it. To move around applications, click until it moves, then drag the application to the location or folder you choose. Want the application to be deleted from your Mac completely? Very easy to do so on Launchpad.

Goodbye Applications


Find an application that you want to delete from your Mac? It’s very easy to do through Launchpad. To do so, simply click until it moves, then click the “X” on the application’s icon. Then, you will be given a prompt warning you that the application will be completely deleted. If this is your intent, then click “Delete” to finalize it. This, even with the prompt, could have been a mistake for you. If this is the case, or if you find yourself needing the application again, the application will be available in the App Store. Even if you paid for it, as long as you are signed in under the Apple ID used when downloading.



As I’ve mentioned before, the usefulness of Launchpad largely depends on the user. Some people may like how you can see all of the applications in one place, allowing the dock to stay less cluttered. While more seasoned Mac users will find the need to take the initiative to launch the application makes it useless. Either way, the concept is great, but a majority of users will find use in it if only it were more centralized as a program they needed to use (as is the case with docks).

Ari Simon
Ari Simon

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