Add Alexa to Your Car with Echo Auto at 40% Discount

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Amazon Alexa is everywhere. Whether you use a smartphone, a tablet, or even a device that makes your TV smart, you have Alexa available on it to serve to your voice commands requests. Amazon seems to be on the mission to makes its virtual assistant available on almost every modern device out there.

Amazon Echo Auto is one of these devices that brings Amazon’s virtual assistant to your car. It allows your car to be Alexa-accessible and you can ask various things and get answers to them, while driving. It’s been built specifically to work in a car environment where there’s often engine noise and such other sounds around you. Its far-field technology makes it really easy for you to talk to Alexa even when there’s so much of noise around you.

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If you no longer want to rely on your car’s built-in voice command feature, you can get the Echo Auto and have it replaced. Currently, it’s being sold at a 40% discount bringing the original price of $49.99 down to $29.99.

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