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We’ve all seen the GoPRO cameras that allow you to take photos and videos on the go with all sorts of action shots. But you don’t need to get the name brand, as you can get all those options with the Akaso V50 Pro Action Camera.

I had the chance to use the Akaso camera, and I have to say I couldn’t be more pleased with all the options. There are so many, that if I covered all of them, this review would be far too long and wouldn’t be delivered in time. But it definitely does the job of capturing photos and videos of all your fun.


Review Akaso Action Camera Boxed

The Akaso V50 Pro Action Camera is not short on packaging. There is nothing they could have done to package it better. In fact, I felt for a short time like I might need an engineering degree to figure out how to get it out of the package. It was bolted into the box and the cardboard box was glued to the lucite box. I had to rip the cardboard box off on all sides to get the lucite box off, then had to use a screwdriver to unbolt it from the box.

But what was in the cardboard box was absolutely incredible. So many different pieces and ways to configure the camera to be bolted onto helmets or handlebars.

Review Akaso Action Camera Unboxed

In addition to that, there is a waterproof casing for the camera, a remote on a wrist strap, other straps that include a buckle or velcro, and zip ties. There are also two batteries, a battery charger, and charging cable. While there is a very brief instruction booklet, there is a far more detailed user manual provided online in a PDF.

The only thing I had to add to the action camera was an SD card. If you want to be able to save the videos and photos you take, you have to use an SD card, so I had to purchase that separately.

Maiden Voyage

Review Akaso Action Camera Ports

The camera has a power/mode button and shutter button on the top, ports on the side to connect it as well as the slot for the SD card, and a large touch screen on the back. Through the touch screen you can choose options through different menus.

Review Akason Action Camera Configurations

For my maiden voyage I decided to get a video of my walk with my dog. But with all the different ways to configure the camera to a helmet or handlebars, I had a difficult time figuring out how to attach it to his collar.

Review Akaso Action Camera Huver

I could probably take a trip to the hardware store and find something to do it more properly, but I found a way to rig it up to his collar, yet it wasn’t very stable and moved around.

I didn’t use the remote on the wristband but should have. That would have made it so much easier to control. During another walk I stuck the camera in a belt I wear when I walk that holds my phone and used the remote.

That worked well, except sometimes it was hard to tell if it was working or not and whether I was starting or stopping a video or whether it was taking the photo, as the automatic shutoff would interrupt the connection I believe. While there is a beep in the settings you can turn on for this purpose, it can be hard to hear when you’re out in the elements.

Downloading Media

Review Akaso Action Camera Wifi

The process of downloading is very simple. It works with a free app and Wi-Fi. After downloading the app, turn the camera on, choose Wi-Fi in the Settings, then choose the Akaso Wi-Fi on your device and enter the password provided in the user manual. I did it on my iPad, but it could just as easily be done on your phone.

Review Akaso Action Camera Downloads

After you launch the app while under Wi-Fi and it connects, click the camera option, and it takes you to a screen with all the videos and photos you have taken that are stored on the SD card. You can watch them on your device or download them. Downloads can be directly to the storage on your device or a photo album within the app.

Settings and Options

Again, there are just so many settings and options that it would be too difficult to cover them all here, but I will provide a very brief overview/mention.

When filming video, you can set image stabilization, resolution, code, video length, time lapse interval and duration, fast-motion, wind noise reduction, scene, date stamp, and automatic low-light setting.

Review Asako Action Camera Settings

The photo settings are basically the same, allowing you to set the resolution, the time lapse interval and duration, date stamp, and scene, as well as photo burst, quality, long exposure, effect, filter, white balance, exposure value, and ISO.

In the general settings you can set sounds, distortion calibration, angle, power frequency, diving mode, date and time, screensaver, auto power off, auto video start, language, and SC card format, as well as other features that have already been mentioned.

Pros and Cons


  • Packaged very well
  • Many attachment options
  • Many settings and options
  • Quality photos and videos
  • Easy to download photos and videos


  • Packaged so well, it’s hard to open initially
  • Can be difficult to tell if remote is working
  • SD card needs to be purchased

Final Word

If you’re looking for an action camera, something similar to a GoPRO, you’ll most likely find what you’re looking for with the Akaso V50 Pro Action Camera. I only wished I was doing more worthy activities the days I tested it rather than walking. However, it definitely got me excited and gave me many ideas for different activities where I could use it.

I give the Akaso V500 Pro Action Camera a 4 out of 5 stars rating.

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