Aglaia Desk Lamp with 360° Flexible Neck and 3-Level Touch Dimmer

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If you want to make things easier to see and avoid eye strain, using a desk lamp is a must. However, not just any lamp will do; you’ll need one that doesn’t have a glare, uses eye-friendly lights and has different brightness settings for different situations. Luckily for you, we’re sharing one today that has all of that along with an affordable price tag: the model LT-T5 Aglaia Desk Lamp.

This desk lamp uses dimmable, low power-consumption LEDs with anti-glare light diffusion for optimal eye comfort, so you don’t have to worry about it damaging your eyes. The lamp isn’t just reliable but is also money-saving since it uses 80% less energy than traditional lamps. Here’s a look at this stylish, economical desk lamp.

Design and Functionality

The Aglaia Desk Lamp is moderately lightweight and has a very modern design that is really pleasing to the eye. The base of the lamp is medium-sized and doesn’t take up too much room on a desk or table.


It comes neatly packaged and includes an AC adapter with a great length cable. I was able to easily run it from one end of my desk to the other and onto a table, sitting right next to it.


Besides the DC input jack, there’s also a USB port on the side that can be used to charge devices at up to 5V/2A. This is extremely convenient since most people use their mobile device at their desk anyway. The USB port is within easy reach, so it’s no trouble at all to plug in or remove a charging cable as needed.

Changing the Brightness

The touch-sensitive power button is front and center on the base of the lamp. Touching it turns the lamp on at the lowest level. Each time you touch the power button after this, it cycles through three lighting options: low, medium/average, and high/bright.


I want to point out just how sensitive the power button is. When I had my phone plugged in and charging, I tried to set the phone on the base but even sitting it there very lightly triggered the button and changed the brightness, meaning the base can’t double as a storage spot; you can’t sit anything on it.


I love how easy it is to switch the brightness of the light, but unfortunately there’s no way to change the actual tone/temperature of the light. Due to this, it’s not the best option for those who want to change the mood or ambiance. For instance, warm tones can be more relaxing since they give a warm, cozy feeling while cooler tones are great for boosting productivity and enhancing concentration.

Complete Neck Flexibility

The elegant design of the lamp’s neck (or arm, if you prefer) gives you complete control over the direction of the light. It’s so flexible that it can be moved in any direction. This is great because it doesn’t restrict you to just one position; you can literally turn and point the light anywhere you’d like.


For this reason, I find that it’s perfect as a backlight for taking pictures. If you can’t afford expensive camera lighting or the popular ring light that many YouTubers are using these days, a simple desk lamp like this one is a sensible option.

Working With the Aglaia Desk Lamp

I find this light is great for reading and browsing or playing games on my mobile device (especially with the added USB charging port).


As mentioned above, it’s also the perfect backlight. I have been using it to take pictures of small objects for sharing on social media, and I find that my pictures are much clearer with the additional light.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for an affordable lamp that is really easy to use and has basic functionality, this is an obvious choice. There’s nothing advanced about it except the beauty of it! Some people just prefer simple gadgets that are literally just plug and play, and this lamp is perfect for those who do.

If you would like to purchase one of these for yourself, you can save 36% by using the coupon code “ZMSY7V7S” (without quotations) at checkout. The coupon is valid from July 30th through August 18th.

Aglaia Desk Lamp: Eye-Care Dimmable Reading Light

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