Aelec S350 Wireless Bluetooth Earphones Review


As many phone manufacturers decided to follow Apple’s footsteps to remove the headphone jack from their phones, we are seeing a growth in demand and a supply of wireless earphones in the market, particularly those small earphones that are portable and lightweight. These are ideal for people who are always on the move and those who love to listen to music while working out. We tested out the Aelec S350 wireless Bluetooth headphones for a week, and we have to say that they don’t disappoint.

Aelec S350 wireless Bluetooth headphones

The Aelec S350 are wireless earphones that can connect to multiple devices via Bluetooth. At a weight of 13g, they are small and light enough that you can bring them around without taking up a lot of space. The best thing is, at a price of $16, they are one of the cheapest pairs of wireless earphones around that doesn’t compromise on the music quality.

Inside the box

Minimal packaging is the trend nowadays. Within the packaging you will only find a small round case, and all you need is contained within. Unzipping the case, you will find the AELEC S350 earphones, three sets of replacement earbuds and tips, and a USB charging cable. That’s it. Nothing more, and nothing less.


The replacement earbuds and tips come in different sizes, so you can switch to ones that fit your ears.


The earphones comes with a 90% charged battery, so you can use them immediately without charging.

To start using them, press the Function button on the right ear piece to turn them on. The function button is the protruded piece on the earbud, and if you have the black earphones, it is not immediately visible to the eye and can be easy to miss.


You won’t have such issue if you get the Blue or Lime Green set. Once you turn them on, long-press on the Function button to activate the pairing mode. The blinking blue/red LED light indicates that you are in pairing mode.

The pairing is easy and quick. On your phone (or computer) simply turn on Bluetooth and search for devices. When the “AELEC S350” entry shows up, tap on it, and the pairing is done. The good thing about the Aelec S350 set is that you can pair them with two devices and use them with both devices simultaneously.


When it comes to the sound quality, the AELEC S350 earphones do not disappoint. Music was clear and voices were distinct. The mid- and high-range were clear and audible. The bass was a bit weak, though that is expected on small wireless earphones like this.

On the other hand, I didn’t have a good experience with the call quality. While the speaker is good (clear voice from the calling end), the microphone is not on par with the rest, as the outgoing voice is unclear, and the receiver (on the other end) is hearing plenty of echo. I tried them on several occasions, and the result is the same each time.

Noise cancelling feature

It was stated that super noise reduction technology provides lossless stereo sound with regards to the earphones. Apparently, this is not totally true. When using it on a crowded train, the music was drowned by the outside noise. I have to crank up the volume to the max for it to be audible, and as we all know, that is the fastest way to lead to hearing loss.

Battery Life

As mentioned earlier, they come with a 90% charge out of the box, and that lasted for around four to five hours of combined usage. The claim is that them can last up to seven hours on a full charge, which I think is valid.

Comfort wearing with secure fit

At first glance, the design of the earbuds doesn’t seem like they are meant for sports. I have another set of wireless earphones that come with a cable that can be hooked over the ears to prevent the from dropping during running. For Aelec S350, the cable is not hookable, and there is only an ear tip to hold them in place in your ears. To test it out, I used them on a jogging session and was surprised that they stayed in place throughout the session. I played my Spotify running playlist, and the music was clear and loud. The best thing is that they felt comfortable in the ear, and most of the time I didn’t even realize they were there.


For small and lightweight earphones that are wireless, have good sound quality, and sell for only $16, they are a steal. Coupled with the small storage case, they are definitely ones that you can throw into your bag and bring wherever you go.

Aelec S350 wireless Bluetooth headphones


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