Advice for People Traveling by Air with Tech Devices

It’s travel season yet again. And for some that involves air travel. Many will want to take their devices and machines with them. For awhile it seemed like air travel was very accommodating for tech with WiFi being added onto flights and some aircrafts having ports to charge your devices.

But now air travel is starting to back away from being convenient for your tech. Some international flights have now outlawed bringing any device larger than a cell phone onboard; they must be stored in your checked baggage. We asked our writers, “What advice can you give to people traveling by air with tech devices?”

Our Opinion

Alex notes that “using a laptop on a plane has never been fun.” He also believes that “tablets rule the skies, thanks to their superior form factor and ultra-low cost options like the Fire tablet.”

With Netflix now allowing you to download your viewing choices, “queuing up a season of a TV show” is a staple for Alex while traveling. He also recommends portable batteries for charging and a headphone splitter so you can enjoy your entertainment with your travel companions.

Miguel also suggests carrying on a tablet as well as your phone of course. “Everything else should be packed with copious amounts of soft clothing around them.” This will help keep your tech safe if it’s being knocked around in the luggage compartment of the aircraft or being tossed around by the baggage handlers.


Fabio recommends that you inform yourself of the carry-on rules for the particular airline you’re flying on and notes the information should be on the individual airlines’ websites.

Ryan actually travels internationally fairly regularly. He realizes the reasons behind the ban are sound and notes. He stopped bringing a laptop on planes years ago because it got too bulky.

Yet, if you absolutely need to be productive while you’re on a flight, he suggests you “grab an OfficeSuite from Google Play or the iOS store and pair your phone up with a Bluetooth keyboard.” That in combination with the cloud will allow you to work while you’re traveling and pick up where you left off when you’re back on solid ground again.

I have used the onboard WiFi while in the air, but I have trouble getting it to work, and it can be costly as well. I suggest people take Ryan’s and Alex’s advice and download to their phone or tablet to work or be entertained in the air. It would worry me, however, to have my laptop in my checked baggage. Luggage is lost all the time and sometimes never found again. If I absolutely had to store a laptop in my checked baggage, I’d make sure everything was backed up and that I had as much security on it as possible. Come to think of it, GPS tracking on it wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

Your Opinion

Have you flown internationally with the laptop ban in place? What did you do? Do you have advice for others traveling internationally with their tech? What advice can you give to people traveling by air with tech devices? Add your thoughts and tips to the discussion in the comments section below.

Laura Tucker
Laura Tucker

Laura has spent nearly 20 years writing news, reviews, and op-eds, with more than 10 of those years as an editor as well. She has exclusively used Apple products for the past three decades. In addition to writing and editing at MTE, she also runs the site's sponsored review program.

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