The New Facebook Desktop Client By Adobe And Why Should You Use it

If you are a Facebook fan then you must have used the official Facebook desktop application.The app is good but it’s not detailed and offers only limited features. You can’t see live notifications of new stories, can’t post a comment and if you need to upload a photo you have to open Facebook in the browser all the way.

If you are not quite satisfied with the official Facebook desktop application or other desktop clients have a look at Facebook –Photo uploader. It is a new desktop client for Facebook, released by Adobe with really useful features.

At first you need to download and install the application. You will also need Adobe Air, if you already don’t have it.

To get started with the app you have to enter you Facebook account information as a one time authentication process.


After that you have to grant permission to the application so that it can access your news feed and wall updates. Just click “Allow access” to grant the required permissions. The application will log you in. After you have logged in you will be presented with your Facebook timeline as shown below.


Updating Your status

Updating your status is easy enough. Just click on the last status message and you can edit it and share the new status with all your friends.



You can instantly comment on any link or story shared by your friends. But the downside is that you can neither see who else has commented in that story nor you can read the comments posted by others.


Facebook chat

This is what makes this app my favorite. You can chat with your Facebook friends from the desktop and without having to visit your Facebook profile in the browser. Just navigate to the chat tab and you can see which of your friends are online.


Mini Mode

If you feel bothered due to the fact that the high resolution mode is taking up much of the screen space, just switch to the mini mode with the touch of a button. Click the small arrow in the top right corner placed next to the minimize window.


Uploading photos

Uploading photos in your Facebook albums in also easily achieved. Just navigate to the “Upload” tab and the app asks you the name of the album where you wish to upload a photo. You can also create a new album and upload your photos to the new album straight away.


After selecting your album click “Add photo” or just drag and drop the image into the application. The photo will be uploaded and added instantly in your album. You can crop a photo, tag it and even rotate it from the application itself.


Apart from uploading photos you can also view the photos of your album with a complete full screen slideshow.


View a profile

Just click the name of any Facebook friend in your timeline and the profile opens up in the desktop client. You can see complete information of your friend including the pages he/she reads and the groups they have recently joined.


Apart from the above mentioned features you can also see the list of all your Facebook friends and various other event invitations that you have received recently.You can even browse to any Facebook profile and read his/her status updates, notes, pictures or other posted items. So if you are a Facebook addict and can’t imagine your life without it, then you must try this new desktop tool. This application runs on the Adobe Air platform so it will run in Windows, Linux and Mac.

Other Facebook desktop clients

Apart from Facebook photo uploader there are two other Facebook clients worth mentioning.

1. Tweetdeck: The popular desktop client for Twitter, Tweetdeck recently added Facebook and Myspace integration. Not as versatile as the Facebook photo uploader but you can read your status updates and the updates of your friends in much the same way you read your tweets. Again it’s very basic and you do not get “The Facebook feel” as they name it.

2. Seesmic: Another desktop application for Facebook lovers is Seesmic. Check them out if all you want is a very basic and compact Facebook lifestream on your desktop.

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