[Sponsored] Adobe Creative Cloud: The Perfect Solution for Photographers

Adobe Creative Cloud: The Perfect Solution for Photographers and Designers

This is a sponsored post from Adobe.

Adobe Creative Cloud has been around since 2013. However, Adobe has recently re-launched Creative Cloud Photography Plan with new features. If you want to find out what those new features are along with the benefits of using Adobe Creative Cloud, read on.

With Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan, you can transform your photography with Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom CC, the world’s best imaging tools. Organize, edit, enhance, and share images on your desktop or mobile device anytime, anywhere. Always have access to the latest imaging magic from Adobe. Get Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom CC: the world’s best photography tools for an incredible price of $7.99/month (a 20% discount off the MSRP price of $9.99/mo for a limited time only).

Transform your photography with Adobe Photoshop CC and Lightroom, the world’s best imaging tools

New Features

What’s new in the Creative Cloud Photography Plan:

You always have access to new features as soon as they’re released. Here are a few recent highlights.

Photoshop – You can now combine multiple pictures taken with different exposures into a single image with the new HDR Merge feature. There’s also Panorama Merge that lets you combine multiple panoramic images (including raw files) to create a single panorama.

Lightroom – You now get HDR Merge, Panorama Merge, facial recognition, advanced video slide shows, improved Web galleries, better control of filters, photo sharing, Android support (app), visual stories and animated videos, copy and paste enhancements, Presentation Mode, and more.

Creative image editing to go – Photoshop Mix for iPhone and iPad makes it easy to combine two photos, remove objects, change backgrounds and more.

InDesign – You can now access your creative assets in the cloud with Creative Cloud Libraries. You can even move graphic elements from your InDesign libraries into your Creative Cloud Libraries for easy access. You can also print the current page you’re working on without having to first find and enter the page number.

Adobe Muse – If you’re not familiar, Muse lets you create HTML websites without writing code. Some of its new features include the ability to show and hide frame edges, secure FTP auto-detection, HiDPI support for Windows, new keyboard shortcuts and more.


  • Lifetime access to new features as soon as they’re released – in the cloud, on your desktop and on your mobile devices.
  • Need to make a small change or add something while away from your home or office? You get access to all your favorite Adobe applications and tools from your mobile devices or another computer.
  • Easily collaborate with team members or clients so that they can see your process, give you instant feedback, or add their own spin on something.
  • If you’re a Behance member, you can post your designs to your “Work In Progress” folder right from Creative Cloud for the world to see.
  • Get your very own fully customizable, professional online portfolio located on your own URL.
  • Check out work from others also using Creative Cloud who have shared publicly to get inspiration or just see what they’re working on.
  • Build and publish websites, mobile apps, and iPad apps as often as you’d like.
  • Use your central dashboard to keep track of everything in your Creative Cloud account.
  • You get access to a growing library of tutorials and inspirational content to help you increase your skills, get new ideas, etc.


If you’re interested in an individual plan, you can get one for as low as $9.99 (currently on sale for $7.99 – limited time only). Here’s what you get with each plan.

Get access to Photoshop CC and Lightroom CC for $9.99/month.

Photography ($9.99/month) – Access to Photoshop and Lightroom on your desktop and mobile devices.

Single App ($19.99/month) – Access to just one app (choose any one), ProSite portfolio website, Typekit desktop and web fonts, and 20GB of cloud storage.

New Customers ($49.99/month) – Access to all apps, ProSite portfolio website, Typekit desktop and web fonts, and 20GB of cloud storage.

CS Customers ($29.99/month) – The same as the “New Customers” plan, but at a 40% off discount for the first year. This plan requires prior purchase of CS3 or later. Offer ends May 29, 2015.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re an amateur or pro photographer, graphic designer, web designer or any other creative who uses Adobe products, you’ll feel right at home with Adobe Creative Cloud. It gives you the convenience of being able to work on your projects from anywhere, plus you get additional features like cloud storage and a portfolio.

If you’re serious about your work and need around-the-clock access, plus the added security of having your graphics backed up in the cloud, it’s definitely worth checking out.

Are you using Adobe Creative Cloud? If so, what has been your experience so far? Do you think it’s worth paying for each month?

Adobe Creative Cloud for Photographers

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