How to Adjust Volume and Brightness in Smaller Increments on Your Mac

How to Adjust Volume and Brightness in Smaller Increments on Your Mac

It often happens to us that we want the volume or the brightness to be at an exact level on our Macs so that it is as perfect as we want. Unfortunately, though, Mac does not easily let us specify exact values for the volume and brightness levels. At such times you just have to compromise and work with whatever has been provided to you.

Luckily, with a neat trick, you can now change both volume and brightness on your Mac in smaller increments and to the level you want. The trick allows you to change the levels in as small as 25% of the default bar. That means you can now set your volume at 25%, 50%, 75%, and so on instead of the default 100%, 200%, and so on.

FOllie along below if you would like to do that on your Mac.

Adjusting the Volume in Smaller Increments

Ensure that your Mac is not set to mute.

1. Bring down the volume level to half of the total level so you can see the trick working. You can do that by pressing the Volume Down or Volume Up, whatever is appropriate in your situation.


2. Now, here comes the trick. Hold down the “Shift” and “Option” keys together on your keyboard, and then press either Volume Up or Volume Down.

You should notice that the volume now either increases or decreases in smaller increments unlike before. It takes four taps on the Volume button to fill-up a bar which used to get filled-up in just one tap before.


3. You can now keep on doing this until you are satisfied.

There has not been much buzz about this feature in the Apple world, but this small feature does a really great job for you.

Changing the brightness level in smaller increments can be done the same way as the volume. Here are the steps.

Adjusting the Brightness in Smaller Increments

1. Bring down the brightness to half of the total size so you can easily see the changes.


2. Hold down the “Shift” and “Option” keys together, and press the button for either increasing or decreasing the brightness. Like the volume bar, you will notice that it now increases or decreases in smaller increments than before.


3. That should let you adjust the brightness on your Mac according to your needs.

We all know that the default settings are not perfect sometimes, and tinkering around helps us get exactly what we want. This is one of those default things that does not work well for all users.


Learning how to change the volume and brightness levels in smaller increments should help you get that precise perfectness you have not been able to get on your Mac so far.

Mahesh Makvana
Mahesh Makvana

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