Add Windows Calculator to Excel Quick Access Toolbar

We use built-in Windows Calculator and Microsoft Excel regularly. When we are working on Excel and need to do some simple calculations that don’t require any formula, we use the Windows Calculator. A quick hack to this is to add Windows Calculator to the Excel Quick Access Toolbar so you can easily access the calculator without having to switch windows.

The Quick Access toolbar in Excel has shortcuts to operations which we use regularly like save, redo, undo and many more. So, those who use Windows Calculator frequently can add it to the Quick Access toolbar for quick access.

1. Open Excel and move to the top left corner. Look for “Customize Quick Access Toolbar” (down arrow) and click on it. From the dropdown menu, select “More Commands” from the list.

Cutmoze Quick Access Toolbar

2. It opens up the “Excel Options” dialog box with the “customize” option being highlighted. It shows two sections. One is to customize the Quick Access Toolbar and the other on the right side shows you all the shortcuts which are already present in the Quick Access Tool bar. As you have not added Calculator to it, this list does not show it.

Now it has the “Popular Commands” dropdown under the “Choose commands from” section. Hit the dropdown and select “Commands Not in the Ribbon”.

Commands not in the ribbon

3. In the list provided, scroll down till you see “Calculator.” Select it and click on the “Add” button.

Select Calculator

You can see that the calculator option has been moved to the right side pane. Click the “Ok” button to save the list.

Calculator add to auick access toolbar

4. Now you should find the Windows Calculator in the Quick Access Toolbar. Note that when you hover your mouse over the Calculator icon, it will show the label as “Custom.” Other than that, it doesn’t affect its functionality at all.

Custom Calulator

It works in all versions from Excel 2007 to the latest versions.


Having Windows Calculator within Excel is just one of the small things that can improve your productivity greatly. Try it out and let us know if it is useful for you.

Sridhar Belide
Sridhar Belide

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