How to Add a WhatsApp Chatbox to Your WordPress Site

You own a website, and some of the visitors want to get in touch with you. For many years, email was the perfect channel for this. It’s still a good channel for some businesses where a quick answer isn’t important. For other categories of websites, though, even email may be considered outdated.

The Internet is much more dynamic now. People want answers and they want them now. They prefer chat over email for a couple of reasons. A live chat is not only a faster way to communicate but is also also much more interactive. Your visitors are able to clarify their questions, and you will be able to clarify your answers.

Also, as a seller, consultant or expert, you get a better opportunity to establish a relationship with your clients. When people can get in touch with you, the business will feel more “alive,” approachable and “human.” All of this will lead to better results, both for you and your website visitors.

WhatsApp has more than 1.5 billion users. That makes it one of the most popular chat apps on the planet. Consequently, it’s a good idea to give your visitors an easy way to contact you through this application.

Install WhatsApp Chat Plugin

Log in to the backend administrative panel of your WordPress site. In the left-side panel, click on “Plugins.” A submenu will open. Click on “Add New” from that submenu.


On the top-right of this page, click in the search box indicated in the next picture where you see the text “Search Plugins.” Type “cresta whatsapp” here. Next, click “Install Now” on the “Cresta WhatsApp Chat” plugin. When it’s done, the “Install Now” button will change its text to “Activate.”


Click on “Activate” to turn the plugin on.


This will take you to the page that lists all installed plugins.

Configure WhatsApp Chat Plugin

Under “Cresta WhatsApp Chat” click on “Settings.”


Scroll down until you find the input field where you can add your WhatsApp phone number. Add the number in international format, and don’t forget to remove any leading zeroes. For example, if your number is 0720123456, and the country code is +40, the number you input in the field will be +40720123456, not +400720123456. This means we have removed the first zero in 0720123456, which becomes 720123456, plus the preceding country code.


The rest of the settings are thoroughly explained in the plugin’s settings page. By default, though, the chat feature won’t be active on every page. Scroll down until you find the “Floating Box” settings. Add checkmarks too all of the fields so that the chat box becomes active on all page types.


Scroll all the way down, and click on the “Save Changes” button.

How the Plugin Works on the Frontend

If you now visit the frontend page of your website, you will notice a WhatsApp icon in the bottom-right.


When visitors click on the icon, a chat box appears where they can enter their message.


After they press enter to send the message, they will be redirected to their respective WhatsApp application where they can continue the chat.


Your visitors will be glad that they can contact you through what may be their favorite chat application. It’s a good idea to also add a Facebook chat box through a similar method. It’s safe to say that most people will have at least one of these two applications installed on their device.

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