Add Virtual Desktops To Your Windows With nSpaces

In Linux, it was called “workspaces”. In Mac, it was called “Spaces”. Even with different names, they were referring to the same thing – virtual desktop. And Windows doesn’t come with any by default. Few years back, we have covered several software that can create virtual desktop for your Windows, and nSpaces is yet another useful virtual desktop manager that you can use.

Virtual desktops are extra desktop spaces that you can use. It is useful if you regularly have to run plenty of applications at the same time. You can organize one desktop for all your coding applications, another desktop for email stuff, word documents, entertainment, etc. nSpaces is a software that provides the virtual desktop functionality in Windows and allows you to switch between each virtual desktop easily.

nSpaces is rather lightweight, weighing only at 742KB. After installation, you can run the application and start to switch between desktop. The default number of virtual desktop is 4, but it doesn’t seem to limit you to the number of desktop you can have. I have added 20 rows and 20 columns (a total of 400 desktops) and it run without issue, though it is a bit slow and memory hog with so many desktops.


There are several settings you can configure for each desktop:

Label – You can set a label for each desktop, for easy identification.

Wallpaper – Each desktop can have its own wallpaper.

Apps – When you open an app, you can set it to open only on a specific desktop. For example, my text editor will open in the “coding” desktop while email clients opens in the “Email” desktop.

Hotkey – You can define the hotkey to easily and quickly switch to the desktop.

The default hotkey for switching desktop is “Shift + Ctrl + left/right arrow” key. You can also activate the Switcher window with the “Win + S” hotkey.


If you are very paranoid about people accessing your desktop and see what you are doing, you can also set a password for each desktop so only you can access it.

nSpaces is not without bugs. There are incidents where it fails to change the wallpaper when I switched desktop. In addition, there are some lags when you switch desktop since it needs to restore the settings for that desktop. Nevertheless, if you need a simple virtual desktop manager, nSpaces is worthwhile to check it out.