How to Add Subtitles to Online Videos in Various Languages

universal-subtitles-1 From demoing an application to sharing something funny, online videos serve a variety of purposes. Mostly however the videos are aimed at a specific language group. In other words, people who speak another language or have impaired hearing are unable to make use of these online videos. For them the addition of subtitles to these videos will be a great help. Not only will this benefit the video’s viewers, but it will also benefit the video’s uploader as the audience base will expand.

If you are looking for a way to add subtitles to your online video, all you have to do is pay a visit to “Universal Subtitles”.


Supported video formats include FLV, MP4, theora, webM, and HTML5. The site offers a very user-friendly interface that makes adding subtitles to online videos an uncomplicated task.


The first step in using Universal Studios is to create an account on it. With this step complete, you can start by specifying the online video’s URL on you Universal Studios dashboard.


The video is fetched from the provided URL and you are asked to indicate the video’s language and subtitle’s language. You will find that nearly all languages are present in the list that Universal Subtitles provides.


With this step complete, you can play your video. As the video plays, you can create a list of subtitles by typing them in the area right under the video player.


When you have entered all your subtitles, you can begin synchronizing them with the video. This is done through a very easy procedure. As the video plays, you click on a big purple button to indicate the beginning of the next subtitle. This method is far more friendlier than other subtitle tools that require you to enter the starting and ending times of each subtitle.


With the syncing process complete, you can publish your video. The video, along with its subtitles, is published under a unique Universal Subtitles URL.


When a person visits the URL, he can play the video. By default, the subtitles are off. These can be easily turned on using the subtitles button in the lower left of the video player. The language of subtitles is indicated on this button. Viewers of the video can use these options to view available subtitles in other languages, improve the subtitles, and download the subtitles.


A little farther down this subtitles button is the option to add subtitles in other languages. Viewers can help expand the audience base by translating the subtitles into various other languages.


To the right of the video you can find an embeddable code and a permalink. You can share this video page using the permalink whereas the embeddable code can be used to embed your subtitled video on your blog or website.


In case you have videos uploaded to your own website, you use the given code by Universal Studios to add the subtitles button to all videos. This way, site visitors will have the option to add subtitles to your videos.



Universal Subtitles is an excellent web service. It helps expand the audience base of videos that would otherwise be restricted to a certain group of people only. By adding subtitles through this web tool not only will you reach viewers of other languages but also people who suffer from impaired hearing.

For anybody who deals with online videos, this website is invaluable.

Universal Studios.


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