How to Add Your Signature to a PDF File on Your Mac

How to Add Your Signature to a PDF File on Your Mac

Gone are the days when you had to physically sign a document, as the new digital signing system now allows you to sign your documents right on your computer. All you have to do now is launch the (digital) document on your computer, sign it, and send it to whoever you want. And fortunately, most companies and organizations around the world do accept these digitally signed documents, so you should not have any issues with them.

As long as you run a Mac and the file that you wish to add a signature to is in PDF format, you can use the built-in Preview app to get the task done.

Here’s how it works.

Adding Your Signature to a PDF File

1. Right-click on the PDF file that you wish to add your signature to and click on “Open With” followed by “Preview” to launch the file in Preview.


2. When the PDF file launches, click on “View” followed by “Show Markup Toolbar.”


3. A toolbar should appear on the top of the document allowing you to mark up your document. Since you wish to add a signature to your document, simply select the “Sign” option located in the markup toolbar.


4. I assume this is the first time you are adding a signature to a PDF file using Preview, and you do not have any saved signatures. To create a new signature, click on the option that says “Create Signature.”


5. Preview allows you to add a signature two ways: either you can sign a physical white page and hold it up to your Mac’s camera for it to extract your signature, or you can use the trackpad to write your signature. The choice is yours.

I am going to be demonstrating the trackpad method.

Click on the “Click Here to Begin” button.


6. Start drawing your signature using your Mac’s trackpad. When you are done, simply press any key on your keyboard.


7. When your signature is ready, you can preview it before saving it. If you think it is perfect, click the button that says “Done.”

If you think that the signature is not perfect, click the “Clear” button to clear the current signature and to start over.


8. On the next screen click on the signature that you just created to place it on the document. A single-click on the signature should do the job for you.


9. You should then see your signature being placed on the document. Use your trackpad to place it where it is supposed to be. You can resize the signature by dragging its corners so it fits perfectly in the document.


10. When you are done placing the signature at its appropriate location in the document, click on the “File” menu followed by “Save.”


Your signature has been successfully added to the selected PDF document.


Should you ever wish to sign a PDF document in the future, the above procedure should help you do that on your Mac without requiring you to install any kind of apps.

Hope that helps!


    1. Hi dan,

      For PC users, there’s a tool called DocuSign that lets you sign a document on your Windows based PC.


      1. Hi Mahesh,
        Your link refers to Apple devices but all I have is a PC and an Android tablet, so I don’t think I can benefit from DocuSign.
        Thanks anyhow,

        1. Hi dan,

          Although the link refers to Apple devices, DocuSign works for a number of platforms. You can check out their website to know more about the platforms it works for –

          Hope it helps!

        1. Hi dan,

          Nope, there isn’t.

          Both are the same websites, (“.in” is the Indian version of the site, that’s it).


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