How to Add Pictures as Bullets in Microsoft Word

How To Add Pictures as Bullets in Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word hides tons of customization options under its simple interface, and you often have to dig a bit to use it at its full potential. For example, normally you just see a few bullet styles for creating a bullet list, but did you know that you can access thousands of styles or even create interactive checkboxes to customize your bullet list? Furthermore, you are also able to add custom pictures from your local storage to make your bullet list even more attractive.

You can use your company’s logo, a custom pointer or even your own photo as bullets. Whatever your intentions are, if you are looking to customize your bullet lists with custom pictures, then we are here to help. Today we will show you two methods to add pictures as bullets.

1. Define a New Bullet

You can use Word’s “Define New Bullet” option to add a new bullet in your bullet library. The newly created bullet will be added in your list of bullets that can be accessed anytime using the same bullet list drop-down menu. Here is how to add it.

Click on the upside down arrow next to the bullet list button to open “Bullet Library.” Here you will see all the bullet styles that are in your library. Below it you will find the option of “Define New Bullet…” Click on it.


A new dialog will open up. Here click on “Picture,” and you will see lots of colorful bullets which you can use for free.


However, you are looking to add a custom picture, so you will need to click on the “Import…” button in the same dialog, and choose any picture from your local storage to add as a bullet.



You can choose more than one pictures if you want, and all of them will be added in the picture gallery. Now just select the one you want to use and click on “OK” to “Preview” it in the “Define New Bullet” dialog. Once you are comfortable with your choice, click on “OK” again to apply the bullet to your document.



You can start adding text next to the bullet and press “Enter” to move to the next line, and the same bullet will be applied.


The custom bullet you just added will also be added to your Bullet library which you can access anytime you want.


2. Resize a Picture

If the above method seems a bit complicated or you want to quickly add a picture as a bullet, then the following method will help. If you manage to resize any picture in Word to the size of a bullet, then it will be automatically treated as a bullet. Let’s see how we can do that.

Note: Although this method is faster, it will not add the used picture to your bullet library. Once you are done with the document, you will not be able to find that custom bullet in Word. This method is only good when you are not planning to use the same custom bullet again.

Take any picture in your document, or upload a picture in your document using the “Picture” option inside the “Insert” tab. Now, click on the picture to enable the resize option, grab the picture from any of the four corners, and drag it diagonally to the other side to size it down.


Try to reduce its size to as close to a bullet as possible, but don’t worry; you don’t need to be exact about the size, as Word will automatically resize it to a bullet size when you press “Enter.”

Picture-as-Bullet-Resized Picture

Once resized, click next to the picture to add text, and press “Enter” when you are done to automatically create a bullet list.




Both of the methods mentioned above can be handy in different situations. If you want a custom bullet that you would like to use in the future as well, then the first method will be a good choice. However, if you just want to quickly add a picture as a bullet, then the second method will work great. Let us know in the comments if you know any other cool Word bullet list tricks.

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