How to Add Music to Your Instagram Story

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Instagram Stories are riding the wave in 2020. Introduced four years ago, Stories was created as a space where people could post more mundane photos without worrying about the impact they would have on their “curated” Instagram feeds. You might have noticed that some of your friends’ Stories may boast a musical component. If you’re wondering how you can add music to your Instagram Stories, then continue reading below. The feature has been available for a while now, but if you haven’t had the chance to try it out yet, then this may be the time to finally do so.

How to Create an Instagram Story

Before we begin, let’s look at how to create an Instagram Story to which you can add music from scratch. On mobile devices, you have several approaches available. You can, for example, go to your profile, tap on your icon and add the Story from there. Another way of going about things is to access your main feed and click on the “+” button in the upper-left corner.

Alternatively, you can swipe to the left on your screen, and you’ll be taken into Story mode directly. This method is handy because it allows you to take a picture without having to exit Instagram, using the app’s own camera.

How to Add Music to Your Instagram Story

Once you have the Story’s basic component ready, aka the image, it’s time get it into Instagram and adorn it with additional elements, including music.

No matter which technique for creating a Story you’ve used, next you’ll have to swipe upward from your screen. Or you can tap on the Sticker icon located in upper right of the screen.

How To Add Music Instagram Story Sticker Button Up

From there, look for and select the music sticker. It’s not just a simple sticker, as you may be inclined to believe at first. Instead, activating it will have the effect of opening up a music library where you can search for the tune that you want to add on top of your Story.

How To Add Music Instagram Story Music Sticker

The music database is pretty extensive, so you should be able to find any song or artist you desire, even more obscure ones. Once you’ve decided on the track, tap on it and then select which part of the song you want to include in your Story. Since Stories span across a maximum of 15 seconds, the audio will have to follow the same rule with a minimum of 5 seconds.

How To Add Music Instagram Story Audio Library

Next, we can customize how the music overlay looks. You can have the lyrics appear as the song is played, or you can simply add a discrete “music playing” box to the post or the song’s album art. Once the story is posted, followers will be able to tap on said box to start listening to the track, as the song won’t start to play automatically.

How To Add Music Instagram Story Audio Sequence
How To Add Music Instagram Story Final Result

From the same section, users can also add further adornments, including stickers, GIFs and emoji. To promote interaction and engagement, you can also include a poll or ask questions simply by selecting the right sticker.

How To Add Music Instagram Story Music Question Stickers

How to Add Music to Your Story Directly from Spotify

For those who have Spotify, there’s a way to incorporate the song you’re listening to into your Instagram Story right from the app.

1. From Spotify, tap on the music-playing bar at the bottom of the display.

How To Add Music Instagram Story Add Music From Spotify

2. Tap on the three-dot menu located in the upper-right corner.

How To Add Music Instagram Story Spotify Song Settings

3. Select Share.

How To Add Music Instagram Story Spotify Track Sharing

4. Share to Instagram.

How To Add Music Instagram Story Share From Spotify Instagram

5. The action will create an Instagram Story featuring the album art and the name of the song.

How To Add Music Instagram Story Spotify On Instagram

6. The Story will display a actionable Play on Spotify option in the upper-left corner, so your friends can go listen to the track.

How To Add Music Instagram Story Play On Spotify

Now that you’ve learned how to dazzle your followers with your eclectic music taste, you may be interested in learning more Instagram tricks – for example, how to download Stories from a PC or how to watch videos together with your Instagram friends.


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