How to Add Multiple Timezones in Ubuntu [Quick Tips]

If you are like me, someone who needs to work with people around the World and at different timezones, you will appreciate a simple clock that can display multiple timezones at one glance. In Ubuntu, you can get the clock applet to display different timezones, though the method to enable it is not really obvious.

In Ubuntu, open System Settings and click the “Time and Date” icon. Alternatively, you can click on the clock applet at the system tray and select “Time and Date settings”.

Click on the “Clock” tab in the Time and Date settings page.

Check the box “Time in other locations”. The “Choose Locations…” button will now be active. Click on it.


Click the “+” button to add the new location. Type the location and a dropdown will appear for you to select the location/timezone.


You can proceed to add as many timezones as you want. Once you are done, simply close the window.

Now click on the clock applet at the system tray; you should see all the timezones that you have just added.


Simple, isn’t it?

Other Options

What if you are not using the Unity desktop? For Gnome Shell, there is an extension, MultiClock, that can display multiple timezones as well. Alternatively, you can install the “gnome-clocks” package to integrate world clock into the system panel.

Image credit: Timezone clocks by BigStockPhoto

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