How to Add Links to Your WordPress Widget Titles

Do you use numerous widgets on your WordPress blog? Have you ever wished that you could add WordPress Widget Titles? If so, you’re in luck thanks to a WordPress plugin called Widget Title Links.

With this simple WordPress plugin, you can create clickable WordPress widget titles in just a few easy steps. These title links can really come in handy, such as linking to your social networking profiles, linking to blog posts or pages, linking to other websites, and more.

Here’s how to get links in your widget titles.

1. Install and activate the Widget Title Links plugin from the WordPress dashboard (plugins -> add new -> search plugins).

Install the Widget Title Links WordPress plugin.

2. Now go to your widgets (appearance menu -> widgets). You can either add a new widget to your sidebar or edit a widget that you already have enabled.

3. You’ll notice that all of your widgets now have two new text boxes: title and title link. In case you’re wondering, some widgets already have a title box included, but the ones that don’t will now have a place to enter a title.

You should a title box and title link box for each of your widgets.

4. As you can see, you must enter a title to go along with your links; you can have a title without a link, but you can’t have a link without a title. When you’re done, click on “save” and you should see your new clickable links on your blog.

This is how your clickable widget title will look.

Depending on your blog’s theme, your clickable WordPress Widget titles may or may not be recognizable. If your visitors can’t tell that it’s a link, then you’ll probably want to do a little CSS tweaking.

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