3 Ways To Add Gesture Controls to Any Android Device

3 Ways To Add Gesture Controls to any Android Device

Have you ever wanted to interact with your Android device by drawing symbols or making different shapes with your fingers? If so, there’s something you should know: lots of apps have tried to introduce this workflow and have had varying levels of success. There’s not even really any gestures implemented by Google themselves.

Instead, you’ll have to cobble together various solutions. This article covers three of them. Each solution is good, but to get the most out of it it’s probably best to try all three.

How to Add Gestures to Your Android Device with Nova Launcher Prime

Perhaps the best way to add gesture support to your Android device is at the launcher level. This is because out of everything you interact with on Android, a launcher is what you’ll see the most. Many launchers on Android have some kind of gesture support, but few are as easy to set up as Nova.

First, you’ll need to purchase Nova Launcher Prime. Once it’s purchased and installed, using your finger, slide up on the app drawer icon. This will open up the Nova settings area.


Once you’re in the settings window, look for “Gestures & inputs” and tap on it. From here just scroll down and look at the list of gestures. Find a gesture that looks good, and tap to select it.


This will open a selection window with Nova Launcher actions, apps and shortcuts to choose from. Tap on any of the different panes and select what you want the gesture to do. After that just go to the Nova Launcher home screen and perform the gesture.

How to Set Up Gesture Shortcuts with Quickify

Quickify is extremely easy to use and very intuitive. It can be found here. To create a gesture, just open the app and then click the “+” (plus) sign. From here the app will ask you to draw a gesture. After that you’ll be asked to choose an action to go with this gesture. This action can be an app that you’ve installed along with a setting (like turning Bluetooth or Wifi on or off), calling a particular contact, sending a text or opening a URL.


Once the action for the gesture has been chosen, head to your home screen and tap the floating icon. Once it’s been tapped, just draw your gesture, and it’ll do what you programmed it to do.

Google Gesture Search

With this app it’s very possible to search your phone for specific items. This includes contacts, music files, apps and more. To get started, just install the app¬†and launch it. Once inside, you’ll be asked what you want to be indexed. Just check all the boxes that apply.


Then, just draw any letter or number that corresponds with what you’re looking for, and it’ll start the search. It is really that easy!


Gestures, as useful as they are, have never really caught on. For whatever reason software developers seem to not take them seriously. I have to admit, even though I use certain gestures every day, I don’t think I’d be sad if gesture support was yet again neglected in the latest Android. Why? Lots of third party developers are already on the case!

Do you want to add gestures to your Android device? Tell us why or why not below!

Derrik Diener
Derrik Diener

Derrik Diener is a freelance technology blogger.

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