How to Add Face ID Authentication to Google Drive App on iOS

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Do you have Google Drive installed on your iPhone/iPad? Your Google Drive could contain sensitive and confidential data that you don’t want others to view or access, especially those who are borrowing your phone for quick use. You will learn here how to add Face ID authentication to Google Drive on iOS.

Follow the guide below to enable Face ID / Touch ID authentication on your iOS device:

1. Open the Google Drive app on your iPhone / iPad.

2. Tap on the menu icon in the top-left corner.

Secure Google Drive Menu

3. In the sidebar, tap on “Settings.”

Secure Google Drive Settings

4. Select “Privacy Screen.”

Secure Google Drive Settings Privacy Screen

5. Enable the option for Privacy Screen which should activate the feature.

Secure Google Drive Privacy Screen

You’ll get a pop-up notification from iOS / iPadOS asking whether you want to give Google Drive permission to access Face ID / Touch ID on your device. Tap “OK” to allow it.

Secure Google Drive Settings Face Id Activation

Now, the next time you open Google Drive, you’ll need to authenticate the app with either Face ID or Touch ID, depending on which method you’re using.

Secure Google Drive Privacy Screen Settings

You’ll also see some new Privacy Screen options available now that it’s available. Open the menu as explained above, and you’ll see the following customizable features:

  • Delay: By default, Google Drive will require you to authenticate the app again the moment you lock your display or leave the app. If you’d like to change this, you can set a Delay time: “Immediately,” “After 10 seconds,” “After 1 Minute” and “After 10 Minutes.”
  • Use Passcode: Some users may opt to use a passcode instead of Face ID / Touch ID on their device. To do so, open the Privacy Screen menu.

Tap on the blue “Open System Settings” link.

Secure Google Drive Face Id

In the Settings menu, toggle off the option for “Face ID.” Once you do this, you’ll be asked to enter in your device passcode instead of Face ID / Touch ID the next time you open Google Drive.

Secure Google Drive Open

Now that you know how to add Face ID authentication to Google Drive on iOS, don’t forget to back up your iPhone, too. Be sure to also check out our guide to sending secure and confidential emails in Gmail.

Image credit: Woman holding Apple iPhone 6S Rose Gold with Google Drive app. by DepositPhotos

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