How To Add A Different Wallpaper To Each Android Home Screen

Android devices have a lot of different home screens. The problem is, when you choose an image as the background wallpaper, it spans across all 3 – 7 screens. Sometimes that’s okay. Most of the time, the part of the image you want to see is right on the crack between the screens.

To solve this problem, you can use Multipicture Live Wallpaper to add a different image to each home screen

What Multipicture Live Wallpaper does

Multipicture Live Wallpaper basically splits up all of your home screens and makes it so the wallpaper and/or background can be chosen for each screen independently from every other screen. You cannot have different live wallpapers on each screen, just static images.

Adding an image to an Android home screen

Multipicture Live Wallpaper is a live wallpaper so you will need to set it as your wallpaper just like you would any other live wallpaper on your Android. To have anything more than a blank black screen, you will need to venture into the settings and make changes to each of your screens.


You’ll see in your settings a tab for Common settings. This tab is where you will set the default for all of the screens. In this tab, you’ll see five more tabs. These tabs let you choose the source for the images, the background color of the image is smaller than the screen, how the image will fit to the screen and a couple of image editors. These settings will be overridden by the next tab I’ll mention.


The tab for Add individual settings is where you are going to be able to add a specific image to the home screen of your choice. When you press the plus sign (+) you will be asked to choose the home screen you would like to add settings for. When you are changing the settings for a single home screen, you will have the same options as you did in the Common settings tab.


In the same manner, you can change the lock screen to show a different image than any of the other screens. If you don’t tick the box to turn this feature, the lock screen will be the same as your center home screen.

Choosing the images to use

By default, you have three choices for image sources. You can choose a single image, an album or a picture folder. The sources for the images depend on what apps and plugins are installed. I’ll get to the plugins in a minute. The single picture can pull from apps like Dropbox. The album pulls images from your Android photo gallery. You will choose the album(s) with the images you’d like to rotate. And the Picture folder choice will look for images along the path you tell it to look.


Plugins for Multipicture Live Wallpaper

Another option is to add a plugin to Multipicture Live Wallpaper. These plugins will draw images from other sources such as a website or photo sharing site like Picasa or Flickr. Here are a few of the plugins available:

If you are using this app on a tablet, look at the Workaround for some home applications tab. At first the different home screens weren’t playing nice. Changing the setting to For Honeycomb Tablet got everything working as it should even though the tablet is running 4.1.

Final thoughts

Using Multipicture Live Wallpaper is a sure-fire way to solve the age old problem of having more than one image as your Android background.

How do you manage your Android wallpapers?

Multipicture Live Wallpaper

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  1. Has anyone created an application to enable a unique Live wallpaper and each screen? Would this be impractical for power usage? I can’t find discussion on this topic, possibility.

  2. I am having the same problem. I want to keep my clouds live wallpaper but I would like to change the background of screen I dedicated my pandora widget to.

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