How to Add a Description to a Google Form Question

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When you add a new question in Google Forms, you will be surprised to notice that it doesn’t offer a description box. So how does one add a description to questions in Google Forms that you see in others’ forms? For starters, you don’t need to install any script or add-on for the purpose. You have to manually add descriptions to Google Form questions from settings.

Add Description to Google Form Question on PC

Open the Google Form in which you want to add a description. Make sure you have the editing rights to the form. Users who don’t have editing rights cannot edit the form in any way.

When the form opens, click on a question to edit it. That will activate various editing features. Click on the three-dot icon at the bottom-right corner of the question box. Choose Description from the menu.

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The Description text box will appear under your question. Click on it and start typing your question.

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Add Description to Question in Google Form on Mobile

Open the required Google Form on your Android phone or iPhone. If you don’t have direct access to your link, launch the Google Drive app, and you will find all your Google Forms in it.

Tap on the question to start editing it. A three-dot icon will appear at the bottom of the question. Tap on it to open the menu. Select Description from the menu.

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Type a description for your question in the Description box that shows up.

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Sadly, there are certain limitations on the description text. For instance, you cannot add line breaks or format your text (bold, underline, etc.). Luckily, you can add links in the description; however, you cannot hyperlink them. To add links, simply copy-paste them in the description boxes of your form.

Can I Add a Description to Google Forms Checklist Items?

No, you cannot add descriptions to the checklist items in Google Forms. However, if you want, you can put the description for the items in parentheses after each checklist item.

Google Form Add Description To Checklist Items

What Should I Write in a Google Form Description?

If it’s a section or title description, describe what the section or form contains, how it should be filled out, how you will use the information, instructions for the user, etc. If it’s a question, describe the purpose of the question, what kind of answer you are looking for, and whether they should keep anything in mind while answering the question. Similarly, you can mention if a user can select multiple items or not.

If you are unsure, you should check the pre-made templates by Google for inspiration in terms of design, questions, and their description. Open on the Web. At the top of the page, you will find various templates. Click on the Template gallery to view more items, then click on any template to preview and edit it to your needs.

Google Form Template Gallery

Add a Description to a Google Form without Questions

Often you may want to give more information to the users that cannot be added in description boxes. For that, you can either add a section or a title box. Both offer a description box where you can enter the required data. To add either of them, click on a question where you want to add the information. From the sidebar menu that appears, choose Add Section or Add Title and Description, depending on your needs. Interestingly, you can keep the title section blank for both of them. You can utilize the description area as needed.

Google Form Add Description Without Question

Google Forms are easy to create and can be used in multiple ways. For instance, you can use it to create surveys, event registration forms, quizzes for schools, etc. Check out other good uses of Google Forms. Once you have created and shared the form with others, you can choose to receive email notifications when someone submits the form.

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