How to Add Custom Search Engines to Google Chrome


There are often times when we need to perform searches on a specific site other than Google. In Firefox, you can easily add custom search engine with to Add to Search bar extension. In Google Chrome, there are no such extensions at the moment, so we have to add our favorite search engines manually. Luckily this is not a difficult task. Read on to find out how to add custom search engine to your Google Chrome.

First, navigate to the site where you want to add the search engine, for example

Perform a search with any keyword. It doesn’t matter what the search term is, what you need is only the search URL.


Copy the search URL.


In your Chrome toolbar, click on the Tool icon and select Options.


In the Default Search section, click the Manage button.


Click Add.

In the Name field, enter the site’s name, or the custom search engine name.

In the Keyword field, enter a phrase to be used as an identifier for the Chrome omnibar.

In the URL field, paste the search URL that you have copied previously.


Scroll through the URL and find the location of the search term. Replace the search term with ‘%s‘ (without the quote).


Click OK. Close all the Options windows.

To perform a search on your newly added custom search engine, first enter the keyword follow by a space. The custom search engine icon will appear.


Carry on to enter the search term and press [Enter] to perform the search.


Make your custom search engine default

To make your custom search engine default, click on the Tool icon and select Option.

Go to the Default Search section and click the Manage button.

Highlight the custom search engine and click Make Default.



  1. Ye, but how about those searches that don't show the search term in the address bar on the results page?

    Firefox just handles them somehow (too complex for me to understand) where you cannot add anything in Chrome because you don'tknow how to initiate the search.

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