How to Add Your Own Custom Color in LibreOffice [Quick Tips]

While writing or editing text in LibreOffice, there are times where you need to change the color of the text or the background. LibreOffice comes with its own set of color palette that you choose the color from and it is easily accessible from the toolbar. The problem is that if you want to use a custom color which is not available in the palette, you are out of luck because there are no visible options for you to add your own color to the palette.

If you are looking for a solution, here’s the fix:

1. In your LibreOffice, either Writer, Calc or Impress, go to “Tools -> Options” in the menu bar.


2. In the Options window, click the “Colors” option in the left pane.


3. Over here, there are a few things that you can do. You can modify any of the default color in the palette. Alternatively, you can save your own color as a new entry to the palette.

3.1. Click on the color that you want to change. If you are adding a new entry, change the name of the color (something like “my custom blue”)


3.2. Enter your custom color RGB value. If you have no idea what the RGB value of your custom color is, click the “Edit” button and you can choose the color from the color picker.

3.3. Once you are done, click the “Add” button to add it as a new entry, or the “Modify” button to replace the default color.

4. Lastly, click “OK”.

That’s it. You should be able to choose your custom color in the color palette now.

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  1. =) I was looking for something more fast than this, and I found this site:

    I’m on Fedora Core, so this file was under ~/.config/libreoffice/3/user/config

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