How to Add Chrome Webpages and Bookmarks to the Home Screen on Android

If you’re a regular visitor to a specific website (maybe Make Tech Easier?), it can be useful to keep the websites you like on your Android home page. That way when you want to pay a visit to the site, simply head to the home page, tap the icon as if it were an app, and you’re there!

We’ve already covered how to do this with the default Android browser and Firefox in the past. This time we’ll be focusing on how to do this in Chrome.

Adding a Specific Website

If you have a specific website in mind that you’d like to add to the home screen, this can be done very easily. You can add individual webpages to your Home page where it won’t look too unlike the other apps you’ve downloaded.

To start, navigate to the page you’d like to add to the home screen.


Then, press the three dots at the top-right of the Chrome window.


Press “Add to Home screen.”


You’ll see that the website will now appear on the Home screen like an app. Tap this anytime you want to access that website.

Adding Multiple Websites

While adding a single website is useful, there may be times where you want to add more than one. You could repeat the above process for each website, but there’s a neater and more organized way to solve this problem. This involves using bookmarks and placing an entire bookmark folder on the home screen instead.

To start, begin bookmarking your favorite sites. This can be done by navigating to it, then pressing the three dots and selecting the star icon at the top.


Now it’s time to put them all into a folder. To organize a bookmark into a folder, go into the Bookmarks menu by pressing the three dots again and selecting “Bookmarks.”


Press the three dots next to the bookmark you want to move, and select “Move.”


Here you can select the folder you want to move the bookmark to. If you haven’t made a folder yet, you can do so here: just select the “New folder …” option at the top.


Once you’ve bundled all your favorite websites into a single folder, it’s time to place it on the Home screen. Go to the Home screen and access the widgets page. This is commonly achieved by long-pressing on an empty space and selecting “Widgets,” but this may vary by device.


Scroll down until you see “Chrome,” then select “Chrome bookmarks.”


This will put a customizable bookmark widget on the Home page. While the widget claims it’s 3×2 in its name, you can actually tweak the size by tapping an empty space on the widget once, then grabbing a corner and shunting it around. Now you have an area on your Home page dedicated to your bookmarks!


Home Pages

If you’re a frequent visitor to specific websites, you can make life easier for yourself by making your favorite sites more accessible. Now you know how to add a single site to the Home page using Chrome. You also know how to place entire bookmark folders on the Home page!

Does this make your life easier? Let us know below!

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