How to Add File Attachments in the Mail App on iOS

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Attaching files to emails is the norm of nearly every email provider and operating system, with most email providers allowing attachments up to 25MB. As easy as it is to send an attachment on a desktop email provider, things can sometimes get confusing when it comes to a mobile operating system.

For example, some people are not aware of how to attach a photo to an email in iOS’s Mail app, as the option is somewhat hidden in the editing menu. Here we’ll cover how to attach photos, videos, and various files to an email on iOS.¬†You can also choose to use other third-party email apps such as Gmail, but note that the procedure will be different for those apps.

How to Attach a Photo/Video from the Camera Roll

There are two basic methods to attach and send a photo or video to an email. The only difference between both methods is that the first one “attaches” the photo/video from your Camera roll to your email, whereas the second one embeds it into your email text. You can choose which method you want to follow:

To attach a photo/video directly to an email:

1. Open the Mail app on your iOS device.

2. Click on the “Compose” icon in the bottom-right corner to compose a new email.

Email Attachments Ios Compose Email

3. In the Message section, long tap on the screen to open the editing menu (the cut, copy, paste menu).

Email Attachments Ios Long Tap

4. Click on the right arrow.

5. Select “Insert Photo or Video” to attach a photo or video from the camera roll.

Email Attachments Ios Insert Photo

You can also choose to attach photos or videos straight from the camera roll to a new email. To do so:

1. Open the Photos app.

2. Click on “Select” in the top-right corner and select the photos or videos you want to attach to a new email.

3. Once selected, click on the Share icon in the bottom-left corner.

Email Attachments Ios Share

4. Click on the Mail app. This will compose a new email with your photos embedded in the content section, similar to having an attachment.

Email Attachments Ios Photo Embed

How to Attach a File to an Email

The simple methods described above cover how to attach or embed a photo or video into an email. What if you want to attach a document, such as a PDF or Word file, or an MP3 file to your email? In that case, you’ll have to use Apple’s Files system to do so.

You can choose to attach a file from Apple’s File system, iCloud Drive, or from a third-party storage app such as Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. To do so, simply follow the guide below:

1. Open the Mail app and compose a new email.

2. In the content section, long tap to bring up the editing menu.

3. Click on the right arrow and select “Add Attachment.”

Email Attachments Ios Add Attachment

4. This will open up the Files menu where you can attach any file present on your iOS device or from iCloud Drive.

Email Attachments Ios Icloud Drive

5. If you’d like to select a file from Google Drive or Dropbox, you need to make sure the option is enabled first. To do that, click on the back button where you’ll see all of the other options that are currently available.

6. Click on “Locations” in the top-left corner, and then tap on “Edit” in the top-right corner.

Email Attachments Ios Edit

7. Here you’ll find other third-party storage apps where you may have files stored. Enable the checkbox for the storage app you want to use.

Email Attachments Ios Storage Locations

8. Once done, simply select the location, navigate and select the file you want to attach to your email. Make sure the file size remains within the limits of your email provider.

Using the methods described above, you can attach various files to your email on your iOS device. Did you find this guide useful? Let us know in the comments section below.

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