Is Adblocking a Necessary Evil? [Poll]

There isn’t anyone who uses the Internet regularly who hasn’t been bothered by the ads. They can be quite a nuisance, which is the reasoning behind having adblocking. No one wants to go through the extra steps of having to blocks ads, but is it a necessary evil?

No matter where you go in the Internet, it seems you’re hit with ads. They pop up through certain sites on the Web, they show up on Google, they appear on YouTube, and they’re even integrated into the process of Facebook. To be able to block them at least some of the time with the aid of adblocking can be helpful. However, many online publishers, including Make Tech Easier, rely on ads for a living and blocking their ads is as well as killing off their businesses.

Where do you stand with adblocking? Do you just put up with the annoying ads or do you look at adblocking as a necessary evil, something you must live with in order to avoid the annoyance of the ads?

Is adblocking a necessary evil?

Is adblocking a necessary evil?

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