Blocking Ads: 3 Great Ad Blockers for iOS 10 You Should Use

Apple’s iOS has undergone quite the number of updates over the years, and with that came new ways ads are inserted in iOS. That being said, some older ad blockers that have not been updated will not do their jobs properly. This article covers ad blockers available in the App Store that will block most ads in Safari and certainly a few in apps optimized for iOS 10. Best of all, all of the options mentioned are free downloads!

How to Turn on Your Ad Blockers

Ad blockers do not start working immediately upon downloading. You must turn them on in iOS’ settings. Here is how to go about it.

1. Tap Settings on your device’s home screen.


2. Scroll and tap Safari.


3. Scroll and tap “Content Blockers.”


4. Toggle content blockers based on personal preference.


Having more than one blocker running at a time most certainly will not hurt, though it is not necessary.

1. Ad Guard


Ad Guard is a fantastic option for blocking ads in Safari as it touts up to 50 filters. One downside, however, is that some of these filters are subscription-based. On the upside, the free and default Ad Guard filters will do a fantastic job at blocking most ads that the average Safari user will encounter. Part of what sets Ad Guard apart from other blockers is that it can be turned on or off from a specific page by tapping the “Share” icon in Safari.

This app also offers a fake VPN profile that will block ads across the entire system – not just in Safari. The major flaw with this option is that this upgrade happens to be paid, but even the free version will be more than enough to clean up the user experience.

2. 1Blocker


1Blocker‘s iTunes download page mentions that it has a “lightning-fast native Content Blocking API” and that it “doesn’t slow Safari.” From what I have seen, both of these claims have shown to be true. 1Blocker is a non-invasive, stable, and quick option to block ads and get back to seeing just what matters.

3. Block Ad by Neverads


It is free, it is quick, and most importantly it is effective. For a no-frills ad blocker that just works, look no further than Block Ad by Neverads. Like many of the aforementioned options, Block Ad provides anywhere from two to five times more browsing speed and actively helps to avoid any non-necessary data consumption.


Installing a great ad blocker for iOS 10 is one of the best ways to boost productivity as it will provide quicker load times and less data usage. For any iOS user it is recommended to install a blocker to protect yourself from spam or malicious “advertisements” on the web.

The suggested ad blockers in this article have been kept up to date for iOS 10 support, but they are not by any rate a solve-all option for everyone.

With that having been stated, take some time to surf around the App Store to find an ad blocker that will suit your specific needs. Whether you need something to allow for certain ads to pass through or something that will block ads on individual apps, there is an option out there.

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