ActiveInbox: The Ultimate Gmail Task Manager

If you’re looking for a solution for your cluttered inbox and messy scheduling with tasks that are getting out of hand, ActiveInbox: The Ultimate Gmail Task Manager could be the perfect solution. It reinvents your Gmail in a whole new way to where you might not even recognize it anymore. It will give you folders to keep everything organized, will help you schedule your projects and meetings, allows for notes on your emails, and aids in prioritization. Additionally it will track whether or not you received a reply to important emails and will allow you to schedule email to send later. No need for an assistant – ActiveInbox does it all for you.

  • Organize your inbox along with prioritization and note-taking
  • Never miss a deadline again by giving due dates to emails and tasks
  • Use the “Waiting On” feature to keep track of others’ replies
  • Allow emails to be sent at the perfect time by scheduling them to send later
  • Notate your mail and tasks and add them to your calendar, CRM, or project manager
  • Summarize long email threads into tasks to highlight important points
  • Compose emails with existing tasks in easy view for each contact

Clean up your Gmail and your tasks with a one-year plan for just $24.95.

ActiveInbox: The Ultimate Gmail Task Manager

Bonus: Jamstik+ Smart Guitar (Open Box)


If you have someone on your gift list this holiday season who has always wanted to learn to play guitar, the Jamstik+ Smart Guitar (Open Box) would make a great gift for them. They can link it to their smartphone, and along with the designated app, can be learning to play the guitar in a fun, revolutionary way. Eventually they can progress enough to put the smart guitar away and be playing a real one. 90% of people who start playing the guitar normally quit after the first year, but with the Jamstik+, they’re more inclined to stick with it.

  • Learn chords and scales by following the onscreen cues
  • Follow the interactive video lessons and games in the jamTutor app
  • Real-time, onscreen feedback from sensors
  • Simulated, encouraging environment helps your learn quickly

Pick up this smart guitar for just $239.99.

Jamstik+ Smart Guitar (Open Box)

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  1. Seems promising. I might give it a try, but now I’m using similar software, Deskun, it’s not bad.

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