How Do You Achieve “Zero Inbox” in Your Email?


There are so many other ways we have right now of communicating with each other. From texting to social media to instant messaging, they’ve made email much less important. However, it’s still a necessity for communicating with some individuals and organizations, yet it’s become problematic, to say the least.

Sometimes it seems like the only email we seem to be getting is spam and other promotional mailings, and it fills up our inbox. There are also assorted other emails that we’ve been meaning to get to, and until we do they just sit there masking all our other important email.

At some point “Zero Inbox” seems like something unachievable. We asked a few of our writers about their experiences with Zero Inbox.”

Our Opinion

Jeffry is still working on trying to achieve Zero Inbox. One tool that he is hoping will help is a web service that also has an iOS app, It’s an email subscriber tool. “To reduce my inbox, I occasionally filter it using Gmail’s built-in filter.


Mahesh isn’t using a special tool but is also trying to unsubscribe from the email lists when he sees them and hopes “it’ll be zero one day!” Charnita has tried, but reports that she has still never been successful with zero inbox yet. She has recently switched to ZeroMail and is hoping that will do the trick.

Derrik suggests that since he’s a millennial, he “loathes email immensely.” He has filters set up in his Google Mail account to “mark non-important things automatically.” He also marks important things by important people with filters, and because of all this work, he has achieved zero inbox.

I’ve just started using the iOS app Inbox for Gmail and find it helps immensely. It’s not zero yet, but I don’t have a bunch of stuff waiting for me to go through it. It organizes everything for me. It even took four reservations I’d made months apart for a trip to New Orleans and bundled them all together for me to find easily.

I was still besieged with spam in a non-Gmail email. In our writers’ discussion of this, Trevor suggested I forward my email to a Gmail account to get it into the app to get filtered. It worked like a charm. The 100+ spam emails I seemed to be getting daily are no more – well, at least they don’t show up in my inbox. The few promotional emails I get are put in one tidy folder, and I can swipe them away at first glance.

Your Opinion?

Our writers are trying different methods to achieve that “Zero Inbox.” Some are successful, and some aren’t. What about you? Have you achieved it yet? What works for you and what doesn’t? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Laura Tucker
Laura Tucker

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