AceProject: A Comprehensive Project Management System + Free Giveaway [Update: Contest Closed]

As more project management software are boarding the social train and focus more on social collaboration and interaction, it is good to see that AceProject still uses the good old way of project management without introducing extra noise to the platform.

AceProject is a solid built cloud based project management software. It is a great tool for project managers and comes with many features such as Project Management, Document Management, Timesheet management, Expense Management and Email Collaboration.

For small business owners who don’t have the budget to buy an expensive project management software, AceProject will be handy because it is free for up to 5 users and 5 projects. You get to enjoy all the features and receive 250MB of free storage space. The thing that I love most is the ability to export and backup your database (most web-based project management software don’t allow you to do that). In other words, you own your data and won’t be at risk if the site fails or crashes.

User Interface

While AceProject comes with comprehensive feature, the UI is not really desirable. I have plenty of information throw on my face when I first login and I have totally no idea what to do next. I would appreciate a quick tutorial guiding me to create my first project and not a whole bunch of information (and most of them are useless for first time user) showing up at the dashboard. Nevertheless, if you are a seasoned user, the dashboard will be very useful, giving you a good overview of the project status.


Project Management

To create a new project, you have to click on the “Portfolio: All Projects” tab, follow by the “Add Project” link on the top right corner. For a new project, there are many information that you can attach to the project, such as priority, budget, start/completion date, tasks, contact details, project hours etc. You can also create a template for all future projects, which in my opinion, is a good implementation that can save time and effort.


Adding New user

A project management software is nothing if you can’t add new users to it. For a free AceProject account, you can add up to 4 users (including yourself, 5 in total). To add new users, go to the “Admin” tab and click on the “Add new user” link.

You can also create user group and add users to the group. One thing though, each user can only belong to one user group.

Timesheet Management

If you are a freelancer charging your client by the hour, the time clock feature will be useful to you. This is where you can start the clock when you are working on a project and stop when you have finished the work. You can then charge the client based on the hour accumulated.

To start the time clock, on “My Office” tab, go to “My Time Sheets -> My Time Clock” on the sidebar. You can then select the project and start the counting.


Similarly, you can do the same thing for the project tasks and expenses.


As I mentioned above, you can view the project status from the dashboard, but if you want a more thorough report, you can also view them under each project. There are reports for your tasks, expenses, timesheet, or an overview statistics of the project.



For a web-based project management software, AceProject is impressive. It is comprehensive and comes with plenty of useful features that are handy for project management. The UI is not really very friendly for a new user, but once you get used to it, the navigation process will be a breeze.

Free Giveaway

AceProject is free for up to 5 users and 5 projects. If you need more, you have to upgrade to the premium version which range from $24 to $99 per month. We are glad to have 5 one year AceProject subscription ($240) to give away. Here is what you need to do:

KingSumo giveaway id is required in shortcode.

This giveaway begins now and ends Wednesday, 15th June 2011 at 2359hrs Pacific Time. The winners will be selected at random and announced via email.

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