How to Access Photo Booth Images on Your Mac

How to Access Photo Booth Images on Your Mac

Photo Booth is a picture-taking app that comes preloaded on all Macs and is not an ordinary picture-taking app for capturing photos. The app allows you to take funny pictures with the loaded effects such as converting your face into a chipmunk.

While you may have taken a lot of pictures with the Photo Booth app, you may have noticed that it does not place the captured pictures in a convenient storage place, such as your desktop. The pictures are saved at a secret place on your Mac, and they can only be seen using the app itself.

However, with the method described below, you should be able to access the pictures that were taken using the Photo Booth app just like any other normal files on your Mac.

Accessing Photo Booth Images on a Mac

You only need Finder to be able to view the Photo Booth Images.

1. Launch Finder and navigate to your user directory and open the folder named “Pictures.”


2. When the Pictures folder opens, you should see a library file called “Photo Booth Library.” Right-click on the file and select the option that says “Show Package Contents” to access the content behind that file.


3. When the package contents are shown, you will see a folder called “Pictures.” Double-click on it to open it. It is the folder that contains the Photo Booth Images.


4. You should now be able to see all of the pictures that you have captured using the Photo Booth app on your Mac. These pictures are like normal files, so you can perform file operations on them such as copy or delete.


5. There is actually an easy way to get access to these pictures, and it uses the “Go To Folder” feature.

Open a Finder window and select “Go” followed by “Go to Folder…” to launch the Go To Folder panel.


6. When it launches type in the following path and click on “Go” to go to that directory on your Mac.

Make sure to replace “Mahesh” with the username that you use on your Mac.

/Users/Mahesh/Pictures/Photo Booth Library/Pictures


7. You should now be in the folder where the Photo Booth images are located. It is the same folder that you accessed in step 4 of this guide.


That is how easily you can access the photos that were taken using the Photo Booth app, a task that once seemed difficult is now much easier to do, all thanks to Finder and its awesome features.

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Mahesh Makvana
Mahesh Makvana

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