Jolidrive: Access Multiple Cloud Storage Services From One Dashboard

Cloud Storage has revolutionized the way we save our files now. You don’t have to carry your computer or external storage devices as all of these can be accessed anywhere, from any device. The majority of Internet users now use multiple cloud storage services. Some users prefer to save files on Dropbox while they use Google Drive to work with any documents or spreadsheets. Some users save their photos on Facebook but prefer to take them using Instagram.

At times, it becomes really difficult to keep up with all the online services. This is where JoliDrive comes to the rescue. With Jolidrive, users can manage all their cloud services from one dashboard, view their files and access them from any device, anywhere.


Jolidrive is a very handy online tool that allows users to manage multiple cloud storage services from one dashboard. All you have to do is sign up for an account on Jolidrive and add the services you want to manage. Currently, the service supports the following services:

  • Box
  • Google Drive
  • SkyDrive
  • Dropbox
  • Flickr
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Soundcloud
  • YouTube
  • Instapaper
  • Pocket
  • Vimeo
  • Readability
  • Tumblr
  • Google+

However, there is one catch here. To unlock a few of the services from the list, you must share Jolidrive on Google+, Twitter or Facebook. Some of these services include Vimeo, Tumblr, Google+ and Pocket.

How to Set Up Jolidrive

To get started, visit the Jolidrive homepage and sign up for a free account. The registration process is simple and requires users to fill a few fields.

Jolidrive Signup

After the registration process is complete, you will be redirected to your Jolidrive dashboard. It will show you all the services that you can add to your account.

Jolidrive Services

Just click on the account you want to add to your dashboard and it will ask you to authorize Jolidrive to access your data from the selected service.

Jolidrive Authentication

After the authentication is complete, you will be able to see all the files and folders saved on your cloud storage services. The sidebar will list all the services that are connected/not connected.

Jolidrive Connected Services

With Jolidrive, you can access all the files and open them in the cloud (without redirecting to the cloud service). Just select the file you want to view, and you will be shown a “Preview” and “Open” button at the bottom right corner of the screen. The Preview button will show you the preview of the image inside the Jolidrive dashboard, while clicking on the Open button will redirect you to the cloud storage dashboard.

Jolidrive is compatible with different mobile devices as well. You can access it on any mobile browser and access your files.

Preview Images Jolidrive

If you want to disconnect any service from Jolidrive, you can either disconnect the app from the specific social network or click on Add New Service on the Jolidrive dashboard. It will show you all the services. Click on any connected service, and it will show you the disconnect option. Currently you cannot disconnect Facebook from the Jolidrive dashbard, but you can remove the app from the account settings from Facebook.

Disconnect Accounts Jolidrive

Wrap Up

There is no doubt that Jolidrive is a very handy online utility, but the fact that using all the services requires you to promote it can be annoying for some users. Apart from that, it’s a very handy and useful online tool with an excellent interface. It’s simple and allows you to control all the services from one place.

If you have tried Jolidrive to access multiple cloud storage services, feel free to share your views in the comments section below.


Hammad is a Business student and computer geek who cover latest technology news and reviews at AppsDaily. Apart from that, I like to review web services and softwares which can be helpful for the readers.

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