How to Access Linux Ext4 Partition from Windows

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If you dual boot Windows and Linux, you may find it useful to be able to access the files located on the EXT 4 partition of your Linux system while you’re using Windows. This way, you can access files you may need from the Windows side without having to reboot into Linux. There are a couple of ways that users can access an Ext4 Partition from Windows.

Access Linux Ext4 Partition with Linux Reader

After downloading Linux Reader, install it, and from there you’ll be able to view your Ext4 partition(s).

Access Ext4 Windows Linuxreader Main

You can access folders just as if you were using a regular file explorer. With the free version, you can save files and folders by hitting the “Save” button and then “Save Files.”

Access Ext4 Windows Linuxreader Save

You can also mount folders by hitting “Mount to System” after the Save button.

Access Ext4 Windows Linuxreader Mount Folder

You’ll have to choose the drive letter you want to mount the folder to.

Access Ext4 Windows Linuxreader Mount Folder Drive Letter

After selecting the drive letter, hit Mount, and you’ll be able to access the folder from within Windows Explorer. You will also have the option of mounting an entire partition. To do this, right-click on the partition and select “Mount to Disk Letter.” Select Unmount after you are done browsing the folder and accessing the files that you need.

Access Ext4 Windows Linuxreader Mount Partition

You will then be able to choose the disk letter you want to mount the partition to. Press “Mount” and you’ll be able to access the Ext4 partition from Windows Explorer. Select Unmount when you’re done.

Access Ext4 Windows Linuxreader Mount Partition Choose Letter

These features are all available for free. The free version also allows you to mount and create disk images. If you purchase the PRO version, you will have access to other file systems such as ZFS, Encrypted APFS, XFS, Hikvision NAS and DVR, and Encrypted Bitlocker Disks. You’ll also be able to send files that you access to an FTP server.

Access Linux Ext4 Partition with Ext2Read

Ext2Read has not been updated since 2012, but that doesn’t mean it is no longer working. In fact, it is still working well in Windows 10.

After downloading EXT2Read, install it and run it as Administrator. It will automatically detect any Ext4 partitions on your computer.

Ext2read Main

You can browse the file system and save the files and folders that you need to use on Windows. You can also open Ext4 images

Access Ext4 Windows Ext2read Save

Now that you know how to access an Ext4 partition from Windows, learn how you can do the same thing in macOS. Or maybe you need help accessing and writing to a Windows partition from Linux instead? These are the instructions for that.


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