How To Access Hidden OS X Mavericks Wallpapers

Whenever a new operating system is released, there usually lie many hidden gems and goodies within, regardless of the platform of the OS. Apple’s newly released OS X Mavericks is no exception to this particular rule. In addition to all the stock wallpapers that come standard with the OS, there are 43 “hidden” backgrounds that are available to those who have chosen to try the new, California themed version of OS X.

We have completely no idea why Apple chose to keep these stunning HD wallpapers hidden, but with the trick below, you can easily unlock these wallpaper and set them as your Desktop wallpaper.


Accessing these Mavericks wallpapers is really simple, but unless you know the actual required steps, the chances of you mistakenly stumbling across them are next to zero. Here’s how to access and view these hidden wallpapers:

1: On your Mac’s desktop, press and hold “Command + Shift + G”.

2: In the “Go to Folder” menu, type in the following:

/Library/Screen Savers/Default Collections/


3: You’ll now find yourself in a new folder filled with wallpapers. Copy them to another easily accessed location, such as your Desktop or Documents, and from there, set yourself a new desktop background.



One of the most exciting and interesting things about a new piece of software, apart from the obvious new features, are the little hidden gems and features that we would have surely missed. We know that the net is already a treasure of beautiful and wonderful wallpapers, but is there any harm in having more of such beautiful images, especially when they are already available in your Mac?

via. LifeHacker

Shujaa Imran
Shujaa Imran

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