Access Google Contact from your Desktop

Windows only: iContact is a free software that allows you to access your Google Contact from your desktop. For those who are an active user of Google contact, you will find this small application particularly useful.

Google contact allows you to centrally manage your contact list, and as long as you have Internet connection, you can access to your contact list at any point of time. While it is good, it can be a troublesome chores to open your browser, load up the Google page, login to your Google account everytime you want to find a friend contact. iContact is here to make thing easier for you. It is just like a handy address book in your local system, just that it doesn’t physically store your contact info in your hard drive.


In addition, iContact integrates well with several of the useful applications in your desktop. It works with your default email program and if you want to send your buddy a quick email, you can simply click on your buddy’s email to load up a new message composer. Skype is another application that you can use right from iContact. In the event that you need to travel to your friend’s place, you can even find their address on Google maps and send it to your GPS.

Since I am always on different PCs, this app has been useful in allowing me to access to my contact list without having to sync and import my address book.



  1. Just out of curiosity… this requires an installation process, no? I guess I have a hard time seeing this as useful for portability’s sake–I use a lot of different machines too, but when I’m not on my home machine I usually don’t have the rights (nor would I presume to) necessary for installing software. And software installation is generally a more lengthy process than browser launching.

    And the portable version requires a USB drive…exposing me (and my contacts) to information theft or loss.

    So…this is useful if you prefer installing an application on a foreign machine instead of just using a Web browser? :-$

    Or am I missing how this is useful and who it’s useful for?

  2. @himay: This application is more for convenience sake rather than portability sake. It will be useful only if you are using Windows on several machine and have the installation rights.

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