Access Basic Information on Your Screen without Touching the Phone [Android]

Access Your Display's Basic Information without Touching Your Phone [Android]

There are just certain things in life that don’t have an easy fix and seeing what time it is in the middle of the night shouldn’t be one of them. Thanks to an app called Glance Plus we can see things such as what time it is or what the temperature is without even having to touch our Android devices. How is this possible? Keep reading to find out.

What Does It Let You Do?

This app lets you save battery power as you don’t have to turn on your phone’s display just to see what time it is. You can see that and much more in a brightness that will not harm your eyesight at all, something your eyes wI’ll appreciate.

If your Android device has an LCD screen, unfortunately, you won’t be saving any battery power, but if your device has a Super AMOLED display, then you will see benefits to using the app. You will have quick access to information such as the time, date, battery percentage, calendar, local weather, etc. You can also choose from different fonts such as Boston Traffic, Digital, Royal, and Samurai!


When it comes to choosing what kind of clock you want, you hare various options that go from Analog Square, Analog Love, Analog Simple, Standard, Roman, No Number, Minimal and Digital.


The app also lets you decide if you want the screen to rotate or stay vertical, but this is a feature you will need to pay $0.90 for.

Response and Ways to Use It

Remember, with Glance Plus you are not going to have the display on all the time; it will only light up when you want it to. There is option, called Always-On, leaves the panel always active but only if your device is charging, whether it’s a USB port, AC charge or wireless charge.


You also have the option of having the display turn on only in certain moments and for a certain amount of time that goes from five seconds to two minutes. There is also the option of activating the app when you pass your hand over the sensor once, twice or three times. If you want the app to enable itself after you have blocked your device, you can do that also.


This is a good app to try if you are tired of being blinded by the brightness of your device’s display. During the day it can look fine, but at night it’s the worst. When you first open the app and scroll down just a tad, you will also see an option that allows you to inactivate the app for the time periods you want.



An app that makes our lives easier is always welcomed, and if it has useful features such as the ones we find in Glance First, it’s only a matter of time before its popularity skyrockets. Do you think that you will give the app a try? Let us know in the comments, and don’t forget to share the post on your social media accounts as well.

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