Easy Access To Your Android Phone From The Web

androidonweb-introWhen you jump back and forth from a computer and your Android phone all day long, it is an inconvenience and a distraction to need to keep looking at your phone just to see who the SMS was from. Accessing your Android phone from the web is the logical route.

Androidonweb.com is a free application to help you manage the activities you would normally do on your phone. Using Androidonweb, you can access your photo gallery, SMS messages, contacts and your phone’s location.

Setting up Androidonweb

The only download is from the Android Market. Once you have it installed on your phone, you can start the app. It will sign in using the main Gmail account associated with your phone.

On the web side of it, you will need to go to http://androidonweb.com and log in with that same Gmail account. It may take a minute for you to see anything, but it should show up with a screen like this when the Android phone is paired with the web app.

androidonweb-grant access web

Using Androidonweb

Not much action is required on the phone after you grant access to the application. When you log in and the device is paired with the web app, all you really can do on the phone is turn on and off some notifications.


On the web is a different story; that’s where you are going to do pretty much everything. Like I mentioned earlier, you will need to login with your Google Account. When everything syncs up, you should see something like this.

androidonweb-syncing main web screen

As you can see, there are a 5 tabs across the top of the window. You start out on the contacts tab. You can edit your contacts right from here. You can also email them by clicking on the @ icon. Clicking the phone icon didn’t seem to connect the call to my phone. Maybe this feature will be added later.


The text message tab is probably the tab where you will spend most of your time. You can initiate a message to anyone in your contact list by clicking the compose button and starting to type their name in the green bar. If the person isn’t in your contacts, you can type in their number.


When you press send, the message will magically be sent from your phone. If you’d like to see what was sent from your phone, you can look in the Tasks tab on your phone.

androidonweb-sms sent

The gallery works pretty much the same as the SMS tab. You can see your pictures when you take them.


Finding the location of your phone could be a great feature if your Android phone is lost or stolen. To see the location, you can click on the location tab and view its location on Google Maps.



While testing Androidonweb, it worked great. The location was really close, the contacts and gallery were accurate. One part of the text messaging made it a bit difficult to follow the SMS thread. The messages were separated into incoming and outgoing, not a back and forth like I am accustomed to. There are options to sort the messages, I couldn’t make it work as a back and forth conversation though.

What other applications do you use to manage your Android phone from the web?

Androidonweb (Market link)


  1. I’d like to give this a go, but I can’t find it on Android Market.  I’ve searched for androidweb and android on web, but no luck.

  2. DOH – just saw the market link at the end of the blog entry.  Installed now. Silly me

  3. Damn! It works well and is really good.

    1. Glad you like it. :-)

  4. LD, unable to delete contacts. ive got 3 to 4 duplicate contacts.delete option just dont work. eventhough i’ve uninstalled the app on the ph, it still shows that they’re paired. very frustrating. plz help.

  5. Have you tried to delete the permissions in your Google Account?

    Go here https://www.google.com/settings/security and click on the Manage access tab at the very bottom under the Connected applications and sites heading. Look for Androidonweb.com and revoke the access.

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