Do It All with the A to Z Microsoft Office Bundle for Less than $30

Are you looking to make the most you can out of the programs you use in the office? If so, you definitely want to check out the A to Z Microsoft Office Bundle. You’ll learn your way around Excel, Outlook, Access, PowerPoint, Word, and more.

This bundle includes the following eight courses.

Power BI Essentials

Business intelligence tools were at one time expensive, overly technical, and designed for IT specialists. But this course will show Power BI users how to interact with corporate information and extract the reports and intel they need themselves.

Access to Excel to Outlook: Email Excel and Access PDF Reports

You can save time by streamlining the distribution of Excel data and will learn in this course how to use VBA programming to automate the process by sending the files as email attachments. Then with a single macro, update reports in Excel and save and email the files to as many recipients as you’d like.

Microsoft Access Master Class: Beginner to Advanced

Not many people are familiar with Microsoft Access, yet through this course, you’ll learn the basics of how it’s constructed and why that makes sense. You’ll learn how to use Access to manage large amounts of data and how to use macros to automate tasks.

PowerPoint and Excel Fusion

You can combine two of the most used programs in offices, PowerPoint and Excel, to create automated and data-driven presentations and will learn in this course how to master each program and how to integrate them together.

PowerPoint Design

This hands-on course will show you how to create better slideshows with PowerPoint using text, music, shapes, and more. You’ll even learn to animate layers.

Microsoft Word Bootcamp: Zero to Hero Training

Through this course you’ll get the hang of using Microsoft Word, even if you’re a novice. You’ll learn about creating business letters, monthly newsletters, business reports, and more. No matter your familiarity, you’ll be a Word Hero by the end.

Microsoft Excel Master Class

This beginner-friendly course will help you learn the basics of Excel to perform simple math operations and common math functions while also working with large data functions.

Advanced Microsoft Excel Master Class

If you’re past the level of being a beginner with Excel, you’ll appreciate this master class that’s designed for professionals who wants to learn advanced techniques for this spreadsheet software.

Get a full understanding of Microsoft Office with this bundle at 98% off for just $29.

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