9 iPhone Apps for Your Daily Life

The iPhone has become an intricate part of the daily lives of its users. The Apple App Store has helped make this possible. The large variety of applications has made the saying, “there’s an app for everything” true. Today, we will take a look at nine wonderful applications that will make your daily life easier. From an alarm to wake you up and an application that gives you traffic update, to finding the best shows and wonderful noises to ease you into sleep, we have the apps for you. While some aren’t free, most of the applications are quite affordable for any user.

1. Alarm Clock Pro for iPhone

An alarm application would obvious be the perfect way to start off our roundup. Sadly, most of us don’t have spot on biological clocks, so an alarm clock is usually the thing that does the trick on waking us up most mornings. However, if you are like me, your alarm clock may be nothing more than a “alarming” noise. Alarm Clock Pro for iPhone does away with this and allows you to fully personalize your alarm experience. In addition, the simple yet attractive UI makes it a perfect companion for starting off the day. In addition, if you are so dishevelled from the night before that you forgot what day it is, the application kindly let’s you know the date and weather for the day.


Alarm Clock Pro

2. Waze GPS & Traffic for iPhone

So you are now up and out of the door. Once you get in your car, you know that your next challenge of the day is beating traffic. Thousands of other motorists are trying to get to their respective destinations in the morning, whizzing through traffic jams and fighting for lanes. However, Waze is the application that allows you to know the most optimal route of the day, according to road closures and conditions. However, one thing that sets Waze apart from other applications is that Waze is ran solely by its users, making it a social network in its own rite. This application surprises many people that don’t expect a true GPS application available on the App Store, for free. While it does have its faults, Waze is an amazing application you should at least look at.


Waze GPS & Traffic

3. Dropbox for iPhone

You have beat through the traffic in one piece and finally make it to the office. Once there, you begin to load your files from projects you worked on back at the house. However, this isn’t loaded from a CD or flash drive, but from your iPhone using Dropbox. The application allows you to save files and documents you worked on at one computer and have it with you to your next computer. This takes advantage of the relatively new “Cloud” system. This means that you will never have to worry about forgetting an important file for a presentation. In addition, you can share files between Dropbox with other coworkers, making it a collaboration dream. All in all, making your work load easier and productivity faster.



4. Snapfinger for iPhone

Now that you are free from the confines of your workspace for an hour or so, it’s time to get some lunch. However, there are some people who aren’t always able to leave the workspace for their break, this is where delivery comes in. Snapfinger for iPhone allows you to search for nearby restaurants that deliver in your area. You can make your orders on the phone and receive them quickly to your office. This makes it a lot easier and discreet to make your orders, without having to constantly repeat your order to the phone and still have it come out wrong. While larger cities fare better in selection, most cities usually have a good choice of restaurants to choose from.



5. YogaSTRETCH for iPhone

The lunch break has come and gone, and you find yourself with a couple of minutes to spare between meetings. After being in an office chair for hours on end, it is great for concentration and productivity to take a nice, much needed break. The perfect way to get all the knots and kinks out of your body is through stretches. The perfect application for having a nice stretching session is YogaSTRETCH. This application is like having a Yoga instructor in your phone. You have the ability to play music from the application or your collection on your phone. You are then guided through steps to give you a relaxing break from your daily work and stresses. The application also shows you how to do each step, allowing you to do each pose correctly.



6. MeetMe. For iPhone

Now that you’re off work, why not meet up with a couple of coworkers or friends. MeetMe allows you to find the perfect location and send out notices to meet up. The application is simple, just state your current location, have the application find the perfect place, then alert your friends. The notice is sent through email along with the location’s name and directions. In addition, you know which places to check out and which places to stay away from with integrated reviews from Yelp. A recent update has straightened out all of the bugs from the previous version. While I feel that better social networking integration, even text messaging support, will be great, MeetMe is a great application to take a look at.



7. Epicurious for iPhone

After a fun late afternoon out, you are now hungry but don’t know exactly what to cook. There is no need to worry, Epicurious is here to save the day. You have the ability to search through recipe collections or even search according to ingredients to find the right dish for dinner tonight. Once you find the recipe for you, Epicurious has a convenient shopping checklist to know what you have and what you need to pick up from the grocery store. Then, start cooking by following detailed and visually appealing directions. Once finished, enjoy, Bon Appetite!



8. IntoNow for iPhone

Dinner was great, but you want to relax to a nice show or two before bed. However, you aren’t sure exactly what is good on TV at the moment. IntoNow helps you find out the best shows on at your respective time slot, but that doesn’t even scratch the surface of what this application can do. IntoNow is the popular application that it is today because you have the ability to use a “Shazam-like” feature that identifies a song solely from “listening” to it. You can then share what you are watching to various social networks, comment on what your friends are watching, and start a discussion on what you loved or hated about an episode. IntoNow makes TV social again.



9. iHome+Sleep for iPhone

Now that one of two shows has become five, you finally understand that it is well past your bedtime. But, you just can’t seem to fall asleep. Insomniacs can now rejoice with the iHome+Sleep application for iPhone. iHome+Sleep is an award winning alarm application that takes alarms to a whole different level. iHome+Sleep has the ability to create multiple alarms, even for naps and other sleeping times. However, how is an alarm application going to help me go to sleep? iHome+Sleep allows you to play soothing sounds or songs from your iTunes library to get to sleep. You also get the full screen UI that we find with other alarm applications. Plus, the ability to chart your sleep and have editable sleep logs to see just how much of an insomniac you actually are! If you want an application that focuses just as much on sleep as it does waking you up, then iHome+Sleep for iPhone is the perfect free application for you.



As you can see, there are a ton of uses for your iPhone for use in your daily life. Your iPhone can be a perfect alarm clock, traffic reporter, file keeper, restaurant finder, and so much more. All it takes it a quick search around the App Store to discover them all. Let us know which applications you find use in your daily life.

Ari Simon
Ari Simon

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