8 Web Apps That Can Easily Replace Your Desktop (Apps)

Initially I thought that Web apps are just applications on the Web and they should not replace the desktop apps. How wrong am I. As I spent more and more time online and started to collaborate projects with other bloggers, it is then that I discover the true mobility and flexibility of the Web apps. When I formatted my hard disk last month, other than Firefox, I have really no urge to install any of the desktop apps, especially the OpenOffice which I like it a lot in the past.

I don’t know about you, but here is my top 8 Web apps that have replaced my desktop apps.

1) Zoho

Zoho is one of the most comprehensive online office suite that is capable of replacing any desktop Office suite. In addition to the regular Word, Sheet and presentation, you also get a Wiki page, planner for managing your to-do list, tasks and notes, and many more features that you can only find in a paid desktop app.

2) Flauntr

I admit that Flauntr is definitely not up to mark when compared to Adobe Photoshop, but for simple editing and adding of special effects, Flauntr has delivered well. In fact, it is one of the fastest online photo editor with nice and simple interface.

3) Xdrive

There are many online storage sites around, but the one that really caught my eyes is Xdrive. The reason being, it gives me a whopping 5GB of online storage to backup all my data and documents. I can also listen to my mp3 songs via the built in music player. To make things easier, there is also a desktop client where I can sync and backup my files regularly.

4) Zenbe

When I first review about Zenbe, it is still in beta testing. At that time, it has already given me a great impression. It is more than an email account. I find it to be more like a mini online version of your Microsoft Outlook. You got a calendar page, to-do list, address book, daily agenda and Google talk all integrated to one. I have given up on Evolution ever since.

5) Meebo

With all the friends from different IM account, it can be a difficult task to get connected to them all. Meebo is more like an online version of Adium, or Pidgin as it supports various IM protocol and allows you to sign in to any IM account.

6) Kongregate

This is really a great time-wasting site. With thousands of high quality flash game, I don’t think I will ever go back to play my desktop games again.

7) Jottit

Jottit is a simple notepad that you can use to easily use to record notes. There is no beautiful design or complicated layout. When you first go to the site, there is only a simple text area for you to write down your note. When you are done, press the ‘Create a site‘ button and it will create a personal note link for you. Next time you need to edit, or add on to the note, simply point your URL to the link.

8) DesktopTwo

The best desktop replacement app is definitely… the desktop itself. DesktopTwo is an online desktop with a complete suite of office suite, IM client, email client, notepad, music player all in one place. So far, I use DesktopTwo only when I am travelling, or when I don’t have my laptop around. Other than that, i still prefer my own desktop.

What is your favorite Web apps that have replaced your desktop apps? Let me know in the comment.


  1. Damien : Thanks for making Zoho your top choice! And thanks for recommending Zoho to your readers :-)

  2. Desktop Two lost me immediately when they force all those ads on you. I was a beta tester and actually never went back because of the obnoxious ads on the center of the desktop!

    Zoho offers the applications needed and would actually be superior time wise to DT2.

    Have you looked at StartForce ? Now THERE is a desktop – complete!

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