8 Sites to Find Stunning Wallpapers For Your Desktop

If there is one thing which adds a personal touch to your computer, it’s the Wallpaper on your desktop. Wallpapers breathe life in a desktop and sets the right mood for computing. There is a wallpaper for everyone – may be you are a writer, a designer, a student, a musician, a teacher or a computer geek.

Your wallpaper also add to your daily productivity. If you choose a wallpaper of very bright colors, your eyes will soon feel irritated. If you choose a junky background for your desktop, you might get distracted from your work. Wallpapers should be chosen which matches your interests, style and thoughts.

Here are some really good sites to find great wallpapers for your desktop:

1. Animal Wallpapers

If you love pets and want wallpapers of cute puppies, cats or that of wild beasts, head straight to the animal wallpapers section of National geographic website. This site contains a wide range of wallpapers of animals which includes birds, mammals, fish, reptiles and animals of prehistoric age. All of these images are real wild life photography and taken by professional photographers from around the world.

Download Animal Wallpapers

2. Funny Wallpapers

Want to add a fun element to your desktop? It’s a nice idea to start your day with a laugh and a collection of funny wallpapers can surely bring some humor. The Desktopnexus site has a collection of hundreds of funniest wallpapers I have ever seen. And not just fun, each of these wallpapers have an inner meaning with it, which adds an intellectual touch to your desktop.

Funny Wallpapers

3. Celebrity Wallpapers

Who else is not flattered by celebrities and movie stars? Some people are immensely crazy about movie stars and always want to show their love and support for them by placing beautiful wallpapers of celebrities in their desktop. There are an overwhelming number of celebrity wallpaper sites out there, but if you are looking for some sober wallpapers – go to go4celebrity.com

Female celebrity wallpapers
The site contains a list of all the popular and well known celebrities (female only) on earth and all these wallpapers are sober and presentable. There is no nudity or vulgar wallpapers in that site – you can download the wallpapers in any preferred resolution.

4. Movie Wallpapers

If you are a full time movie addict, why not add the latest movie wallpapers on your desktop? Moviewallpapers.net is one of the best sites to find and download wallpapers of popular movies, just search for the name of the film or artist and you can download your favorite wallpapers in preferred resolutions.

movie wallpapers

Another popular site is Cinematicwallpaper.com which contains a lot of movie wallpapers by categories – Action, comedy, drama, thriller, classic, suspense and so on.

5. Cartoon Wallpapers

Remember your childhood cartoon heroes? Batman, Mickey mouse, Donald duck are some of the popular cartoon characters which every kid loves to watch on television. However, if your child uses the computer, let him feel at home by placing a cartoon wallpaper on the home computer’s desktop.

Coolwallpapers.org has a nice collection of funny cartoon wallpapers and you can browse through the archives to download wallpapers of your favorite cartoon character. The impressive thing is that some of these wallpapers are created from cartoon movie stills and your kid may remember the scene of a cartoon movie, once you set a cartoon wallpaper on your desktop.

Cartoon Wallpapers

Two other great sources for cartoon wallpapers are Coolwallpaper and  Freewallpapers, but the wallpapers are custom made and not from real cartoon movies.

6. Anime Wallpapers

Animewallpapers.com is one of the best sources of Anime wallpapers for your desktop. You get really high quality Anime and Manga wallpapers and can download them in preferred resolutions. The site also holds a few design contests, so if you are a designer try your luck and you might get lucky.

Anime Wallpapers
Another great source of Anime wallpapers is Animepaper.net – high quality Anime wallpapers for free.

7. Wallpapers of Famous Places

Citypictures has a nice collection of high definition wallpapers of famous tourist places around the world. If you travel a lot and love tourist locations, why not have some cool wallpapers of different countries on your desktop.

Wallpapers of Tourist places

8. Wallpapers of Cars and Bikes

Do you have a passion for sports cars and bikes? Bikewalls and Carwalls are two great sites to find wallpapers of bikes and cars. All the bikes and cars are categorized according to models and company name.

Bike Wallpapers

Do check out our tutorial on how to create an abstract high definition wallpaper with Photoshop.

Do you know any wallpaper site which has an amazing collection of cool wallpapers? Share your ideas in the comments section.

Soumen Halder

Soumen is the founder/author for Ampercent, a tech blog that writes on computer tricks, free online tools & software guides.

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