1. Nothing on cross platform? For example I use keepass and love the fact that I am able to access my database via my Window’s Laptop, Mac Desktop and me and my wife can access the database with our Android phones.

    I’m sure most of the apps above have similar capabilities but the nice thing about Keepass is the fact that it is free on all platforms.

  2. Cross platform ?
    Password Gorilla, then save file to DropBox, and use Dropsafe on IOS.
    Can’t comment about Android though

    1. That’s how it is, unfortunately!

  3. Hi Mahesh,

    Marc from Ascendo here. Thanks for writing this informative article about password managers for Mac.

    We recently released version 5.2.39 of DataVault Password Manager for Mac. It has some nice new features like;
    – Yosemite enhancements including translucent panels.
    – iCloud synchronization with DataVault for iOS in addition to Dropbox and Wi-Fi.
    – Numerous improvements to user interface and usability including hi-res item icons and toolbar layout.
    See more at http://ascendo.co/mac-password-manager.html

    Marc Bolh
    Founder, Ascendo

  4. I like Passpack. It can go behind a server. It costs nothing for single users.

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