8 iPhone Apps For Keeping New Year’s Resolutions

The holiday season is coming to a close and the 2012 year is nearing. This means that many individuals will begin deciding the age old tradition on new year’s resolutions. These resolutions are meant to help make our new year worth while. However, according to a recent poll, more than 54% of individuals drop their resolution after the second half of the year. What’s the common reason behind forgoing resolutions? Not planning on things to keep you committed for the long term. Today, we’ll offer a nice list of the top eight iPhone applications for helping you keep resolutions for the 2012 year.

1. Locavore


The Locavore application is an ultimate application for the new years. Not only does it promote healthy eating, but you are also helping the environment and saving money. Locavore, which means someone who eats locally grown foods, encourages healthy eating and decrease carbon footprint due to the fact that the food you’re eating travels less distances, promoting a better environment. You are also helping out local businesses, a great way to boost your local economy.

Locavore (iTunes link)

2. Nike Training Club


A big resolution on the list of many individuals is a healthier 2011. This can be in the form of exercise for some people. However, without the added encouragement, it can be a lot harder to get the motivation to exercise continually. Nike Training Club is your free personal trainer in your iPhone. The application offers easy to learn routines, tips from celebrity trainers, and step by step exercises based on your weight loss goal. Nike Training Club shows you that you don’t need to spend a much to lose a lot.

Nike Training Club (iTunes link)

3. Fooducate


When resolving to eat healthier for 2012, you may choose to eat out less or cook healthier, but where does eating healthier begin? Eating healthier begins when shopping at the grocery store. There are so many products labeled healthy, whole grain, and organic, but what do these terms really mean? Fooducate is your personal Dietitian in your pocket. Simply scan the barcode of an item in the grocery store. Fooducate will then give you a letter grade, calories per serving, warnings, and even better alternatives. This application makes healthy eating not only easier, but also fun.

Fooducate (iTunes link)

4. Lose It!


Any iPhone user losing weight should not only know about Lose It!, but to also make the application their best friend. Lose It! for iPhone is not just a weight loss log, but a lifestyle log as well. The application has a food log feature that allows you to know what foods affect your caloric budget the most and how much exercise helps decrease your intake. The application also encourages more activity by providing badges for good, healthy activities and eating. To prevent falling off the wagon, Lose It! reminds you when to log in your meals or activities. Lose It! allows you to share your progress through social networking websites and even view reports online. Lose It! makes a healthy lifestyle easier to obtain.

Lose It! (iTunes link)

5. Learn a Language with Michel Thomas


A commonly broken resolution for New Year is learning something new. One of the most common things to learn for the year is a new language. Nothing impresses the significant other more than ordering in French at the hottest French restaurant in town. Learn a Language with Michel Thomas is a great application for staying committed to language learning. Michel Thomas, an acclaimed linguist, helps you to learn a language the natural way, not through repetition and memorization. The current languages available are French, Spanish, German, and Italian. While the application is free to download, you must pay per lesson, allowing you to learn at your own pace.

Learn a Language with Michel Thomas (iTunes link)

6. Quitter


Quitting an addiction is not only an amazing resolution, but also a lifesaving one. Quitter for iPhone helps you to quit an addiction through motivation. Quitter offers motivation by showing how far you’ve gone and how much money you’ve saved from not indulging in your addiction. Quitter can help any addiction, from smoking to candy. To track how much you’ve saved and for how long, simply enter when you began your resolution, how many units of the addiction you used a day, and how much it costs per unit. Quitter helps you to see the benefits of quitting.

Quitter (iTunes link)

7. Catalista


Most New Year’s resolutions are about helping us and having a better year for ourselves. However, the best resolution is one that can help other individuals. Catalista is the application that helps you to become a good Samaritan for the 2012 year. The application helps you find great non-profits near you to volunteer your time. Catalista bases your recommendations on what you enjoy doing, when you’re available, and where you are. You can also pass the gift on by sharing an opportunity on Facebook or through email. Catalista helps you to help others throughout the year.

Catalista (iTunes link)

8. Mint


With the current economic condition of the country, getting a better handle on your finances is the best resolution for many people. Mint for iPhone does this by asking you to add your financial information, including credit card information and bank accounts. The application automatically pushes information from these accounts and tracks your spending. But that’s not the best of the application.

Mint also bases what is left in your account to create a budget for you. You can also get reminders for paying bills, and track cash spending through manual additions.

Mint (iTunes link)

Which apps do you use to keep your New Year’s resolution in check?

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