8 iOS Applications to Help You During SXSW

South By Southwest (SXSW) begins March 9th and lasts for much of the week until the 13th of March. SXSW isn’t one conference or event, but a group of events in Austin, TX for the duration of the time. Today, we will take a look at some essential applications you should pack into your iPhone while packing your suitcase for the wonderful excitement.



SXSW Go is the official application for the South by Southwest events. This is an essential application for any attendee at the events. The SXSW GO application includes a schedule for all of the events going on at any time, all conveniently shown in a calendar form. It is perfect for planning where you are interested in going to and ones you’d prefer to skip. The application also includes information on how to get to each event and even how to get around in the event with convenient maps and floorplans. SXSW GO has a great feature allowing you to connect with other attendees (the essence of SXSW) and also features allowing you to post, view, and share social networking posts and photos from the events. The app was updated just last week, so it’s ready for you to use today.

2. FoodSpotting


SXSW is a hotspot for some great eats in and around the Austin, TX area. However, there are even some amazing food spots right near the events, with many gourmet food trucks showing off some of their magic. If you had to compare Foodspotting with another application, it’s somewhat like the Instagram of food. Foodspotting for SXSW helps out with the events by having the photos users and event attendees upload for helping you choose a great place to eat. Each photo is accompanied by a review and their favorite dish, making Foodspotting a visually appealing menu that many restaurants and food trucks don’t even have.

3. Beluga


Beluga was a hit at SXSW 2011, and the popularity hasn’t subsided one bit with the 2012 SXSW season. Beluga in the simplest terms is group chatting. Throughout this list, you will find many group chatting applications included. With the crowds of people, you are presented with a good and bad situation. It’s one of the largest venues for making connections, and it can be hard to find that new connection later on in the week. Beluga makes it easy to create “pods” and have conversations in app. This is great for connecting and rounding up your new connections for hanging out or meeting up. Plus, they don’t even need Beluga to enjoy it as all non-Beluga users receive your messages as text messages.

4. Hurricane Party


If you haven’t noticed by now, SXSW is a social event. It’s the key time to make new friends and connections, and what better way to do this than with an application that helps you create an amazing party – on the spot. Hurricane Party is an application that is stationed in the heart of SXSW town, Austin. Hurricane Party allows you to see the best impromptu parties that sprout up during SXSW. Some can be themed, and others can be just a break from all of the swampt official parties that go on during SXSW. There’s even a feature allowing for deals and specials on tickets, food, and more, a great thing to draw more attendees.

5. AirBnb


While in Austin, you need a place to stay, don’t you? Austin is a big city after all, which means hotel costs can be quite astronomical come the week before. AirBnb can be your portal to affordable places to stay during the SXSW events. Many attendees are offering up a place to stay for other SXSW attendees, the best way to make more connections and friends during the week. AirBnb is perfect for every budget, from those on a lower budget wanting to rent a room, to others who are splitting the cost of renting a house for the week.

6. Hashable


This is the modern take on the age-old custom of business card exchange. I have many business cards, that while I’m sure are all pretty and unique, are most likely never viewed at again after I gather the information into my phone. Hashable is there to make the business card more virtual. Hashable uses Twitter for easy exchange. From tweets to check-ins, Hashable takes this information and creates a venue for all of the relationships you have made with each tweet mentioned or each location checked in. All into your Hashable address book for an easy reference back.

7. LiquidSpace


I’m a big fan of shared office spaces, especially being a writer. At SXSW, many bloggers and other individuals in the social media and technology industry will be in attendance at the events both enjoying the festivities and reporting. For many of these individuals, hotel rooms can be a hit noisy or not as close by, and coffeehouse and other places with reliable WiFi are either packed with individuals or areas where events are taking place. This makes a temporary workspace essential. LiquidSpace is the application for individuals looking for a temporary workspace to get some work done while at SXSW. From conversations with new business contacts to writing up that next article, LiquidSpace can provide everything from a full office space to a desk or office, if you have the funds!

8. GroupMe


We will conclude this article with an essential for anyone looking for a great application that is perfect for a group conversation. GroupMe is a very well known group chat application that uses the contacts in your iPhone to start a chat. GroupMe has both location and photo sharing as well. They don’t even need an iPhone or GroupMe to receive the messages. You can have a group conversation, propose a question, or send one individual a message. Plus, you don’t even need a Facebook to sign up, you can also sign up with your email and phone number.

What other apps do you use during SXSW?

Ari Simon
Ari Simon

Ari Simon has been a writer with Make Tech Easier since August 2011. Ari loves anything related to technology and social media. When Ari isn't working, he enjoys traveling and trying out the latest tech gadget.

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