8 Apps For Android Lovers In Singapore

Let me preface this article by saying that unless you live in Singapore or plan on travelling to this fair island, what follows may not be particularly relevant to you. Nevertheless, the apps I am going to discuss are innovative concepts that could be implemented in any major city. Read on for 8 of my favorite apps (and one bonus) that help me to get around in Singapore.

1. Showtimezz (Singapore)

As an avid movie-goer, this app is essential in ensuring that I am able to arrive on time for films and secure the best possible seats.

Firstly, the app displays all the films playing around Singapore for the next few days.


Secondly, you can choose which movie theatres you want to visit. My favourite aspect of this app is that it is not limited to particular theatres. It scrapes films from Cathay, Shaw, Golden Village, Eng Wah and Filmgarde and shows you the nearest theatre.


Finally, you can book your ticket straight through the app. The booking portion for Shaw appears to be native, however for Cathay and GV it is merely a wrapper for the booking website. Nevertheless, the process is a quick way to book a film.


Showtimezz (market link)

2. DBS mBanking

Online banking has made it incredibly easy to transfer large and small amounts between individuals and to pay bills. If you bank with DBS, then I would recommend signing up for their iBanking facility (www.dbs.com/sg/personal/ibanking) and download the DBS mBanking app. The app makes it very easy to transfer money into a friend’s account on-the-fly. This app also allows you to check your account balance, view your transaction history, pay your bills, and locate nearby ATM branches.


There’s also a similar app for POSB customers.

DBS mBanking (market link)

3. ShowNearby

It is often said that we tend not to discover the place we live in. To ensure you do not fall into this trap, download the app ShowNearby to discover places of interest and amenities around you. For example, the app helps you locate shopping malls, MRT stations, ATMs, eateries, bus stops, car parks, movie theatres, petrol pumps, and other places of interest. Additionally, you can find out more information about the place including bus times, movie show times and car park rates.


This app can be very handy in an unfamiliar area, however the GPS locator is not always accurate so I found myself having to manually set my location. Also the app can take some time to load.


ShowNearby (market link)

4. iChangi

iChangi is an app dedicated to Singapore Changi Airport. Although, the app displays a variety of information, including dining and shopping areas, I find the most useful option to be the flight arrival and departure schedules. You are even able to set it to automatically push live updates to your home screen.


iChangi (market link)

5. SGNumbers

SGNumbers is the modern day phone directory that has numbers for virtually every service in Singapore. It’s a fairly simple and easy to use service, but a search feature would be useful.


SGNumbers (market link)

5. Singapore MRT

Another simple app that is immensely useful if you get lost in the Singapore MRT. The app displays a zoom-able version of the MRT map as well as an index of all the stations. That’s it, no train timings or anything else.


Android Web (market link)

6. SG Buses

This app finds nearby bus stops and then displays their arrival times. At times it is almost uncannily good at predicting when the next bus will arrive. However, it is not always a 100% accurate.


And the interface is really beautiful!

SG Buses (market link)

7. Cab@SG

This app simply displays all the numbers for the different taxi companies in Singapore. At first I though this app was a little pointless, but when you are waiting in the taxi queue at Clarke Quay for over 40 mins. and you don’t have the number of the cab company, you realise you cannot live without this app. The app also has a automatic SMS booking feature which can be handy if you cannot get through on the phone.


Cab@SG (market link)

8. ComfortDelGro Taxi Booking

The previous app only has the numbers for cab companies, this is a dedicated app for ComfortDelGro taxis. You can place bookings for taxis through the app by selecting your location and time of pickup (i.e. current or advance booking). You can also bookmark your favourite locations and view your previous locations. Finally, you can cancel bookings straight from the app. After you have placed a booking you will receive a SMS confirming it. This is rather strange considering you can do everything else straight through the app itself.


The app is useful in principle, but during peak hours it is often unusable.

ComfortDelGro Taxi Booking (market link)

Bonus: SG Traffic Cam

This is a bonus for the clandestine traffic voyeur in all of us.


SG Traffic Cam (market link)

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